This Week in Quest :: God’s power can give me what I need.

Main point: God’s power can give me what I need.
Bible story: Moses and the Water Exodus 17:1-7

As a family, watch this week’s video and discuss these questions together:

  • Who was today’s Bible story about? (Moses, God, God’s people — the Israelites)
  • What was today’s Bible story about? (While God’s people, the Israelites, were in the desert, they were thirsty. There wasn’t any water, so Moses prayed and talked to God. God told Moses to hit a big rock with his staff. When Moses did what God told him to do, water came out of the rock. God used His power to provide for them!)
  • What does this story teach us? (God’s power can give us what we need.)
  • How do you know that God’s power can give us what we need? (God used His power to give the Israelites the water they needed. We can remember that God has the power to help us, too!)

Family Activity: Painted Rocks

WHAT YOU NEED: rocks, washable paints or markers, paintbrushes, paper plates, and a permanent marker

– Before the Activity: If you’ll be using paint, pour some on several of the paper plates and put them in the center of the table with the paintbrushes. If needed, protect your child’s clothing with a smock or a large t-shirt. If you’ll be using markers, place them in the center of the table. Give your child some rocks to decorate or encourage them to pick out a few of them from outside.
– During the Activity: Encourage your child to decorate their rocks using paint or markers.

– Before the Activity: “In today’s Bible Story, we heard how God helped Moses give the people water when they were thirsty. Do you remember what God told Moses to do? (Pause.) That’s right! God told Moses to take his staff and hit a rock with it. And water started coming out of the rock! Amazing!” 
– During the Activity: “Let’s decorate a rock to help us remember how powerful God is. (Pause.) These are fantastic! Tell me, who is powerful?” (God is powerful.)
– After the Activity: “Moses knew that whining and complaining wasn’t good to do, so he talked to God about it. Moses told God that the people felt that God wasn’t helping them. But we know that God is always with us and has the power to help. Who is powerful?” (God is powerful.)