This Week In Quest :: I am important to God.

Main point: I am important to God.
Bible story: You Are Important to God ● Luke 12:7

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

  • Did God make everything in the whole world, including you and me? (yes)
  • Does God know the number of hairs or headbands on our heads? (hairs)
  • Are there a lot of hairs on our heads, or just a few? (a lot)
  • Because God knows the number of hairs on your head, are you important to Him? (yes)
  • Are we important to God no matter where we are or what we do? (yes)
  • Who made you wonderful? (God made me wonderful.

Family Activity: Mirror Sensory Bin

WHAT YOU NEED: flat preschool-safe mirror, basket or tub, scissors, multicolored yarn


  • Before the Activity: Place the mirror in the bottom of the basket. Use the scissors to cut the yarn into several long pieces. Place them in the basket, covering the mirror.
  • During the Activity: Work with your child to take the pieces of yarn out of the basket one at a time, counting each piece as you remove it. Keep removing the yarn until the mirror is uncovered. Then have your child look in the mirror to find out who is important to God.


  • Before the Activity: “Come sit with me by this basket! Let’s find out who’s important to God.”
  • During the Activity: “There’s something special in the basket, and we can use it to see who’s important to God. But it looks like there’s yarn covering it. Let’s take out the yarn and count each piece together. (Do the activity, working with your child to remove and count the string, until you uncover the mirror.) We found it! It’s a mirror! Look in the mirror to see who’s important to God. (Pause.) It’s you! You are important to God!”

After the Activity: “Great job! Just like we counted each piece of yarn, God has counted every hair on your head, too! You are important to God, and He made you wonderful. Who made you wonderful?” (God made me wonderful.)