This Week In Quest :: I can always trust God’s plans.

Main point: I can always trust God’s plans.
Bible story: Noah’s Ark ● Genesis 6-7

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

  • Who was today’s Bible story about? (God, Noah, Noah’s family)
  • What happened in the Bible story? (God’s people stopped obeying Him, so He told Noah about His plans to send a BIG flood. God told Noah to build a boat, and he obeyed. When the boat was finished, Noah brought animals onto the boat, and Noah’s family joined them. Then God closed the door.)
  • Who had plans for Noah to build the boat? (God)
  • What did Noah and his family bring onto the boat? (food, animals, themselves)
  • Noah trusted God and followed His plans. Can you always trust God’s plans too? (yes)

Family Activity: Animal Moves

WHAT YOU NEED: activity page, scissors


  • Before the Activity: Print the activity page and cut out each card. Put all of the cards face down.
  • During the Activity: With your child, try to find matching cards by turning over two cards. If you found a match, act out the animal on the card. If you didn’t get a match, put the cards back face down.


  • Before the Activity:We’re going to take turns choosing two cards to turn over. If you find a match, you’ll act out the animal on the cards. If you don’t find a match, turn the cards over and put them back.”
  • After the Activity: “In our Bible story, God told Noah to put TWO of every animal on the ark. Noah trusted God’s plans and did what God told him to do. God had plans for Noah, and God has plans for you. You can always trust God’s plans! Who has plans for you?” (God has plans for me.)