This Week In Quest :: I can share like Jesus.

Main point: I can share like Jesus.
Bible story: Jesus Helps ● John 6:1-13



As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

  • Who was today’s Bible story about? (Jesus, the disciples, a crowd of people, the boy who shared his lunch)
  • What happened in the Bible story? (Jesus asked the disciples to see if there was any food to share with the crowd. They found a boy with a small lunch. Jesus took the boy’s lunch, gave thanks to God, and the disciples handed it out. They had enough food to feed everyone and even had leftovers!)
  • What did the boy have in his lunch? (five loaves of bread and two small fish)
  • When Jesus shared the boy’s lunch, was there enough food for everyone? (yes)
  • Jesus helped the crowd of people by sharing food with them. Can you love like Jesus by sharing too? (yes)

Family Activity: Let’s Be Gentle

WHAT YOU NEED: activity page, kids safety scissors, glue


  • Before the Activity: Print off the activity page. 
  • During the Activity: Review the memory verse together. Point out the words and blocks at the top of the page and the pictures at the bottom. Encourage your child to cut along the dotted lines to remove the three pictures along the bottom. Show them where to glue each picture next to the words of the verse: The picture of two friends beside “A friend,” the heart beside “loves” and the clock beside “at all times.”


  • Before the Activity: “Let’s do the motions as we say our memory verse together. ‘A friend (hook pointer fingers together) loves (hug yourself) at all times (arms out and twirl),’ Proverbs 17:17. (Open hands like a book.) Great job!”
  • During the Activity: “Look at your paper. Do you see the pictures at the bottom of the page? Cut along the dotted lines. (Pause.) Great job! Now glue those pictures to the top, next to the words. I’ll help you. These words say ‘A friend.’ Glue the picture of two friends here. (Pause.) The next word is ‘loves.’ Which picture do you think should go here? (Pause.) The heart! You’re right! The next words say, ‘At all times.’ Glue the clock here. (Pause.) Nice!”
  • After the Activity: “Point to the pictures as we say the verse together. Ready? (Point to the pictures with the children.) ‘A friend loves at all times,’ Proverbs 17:17. Great job, friends. We can love like Jesus because Jesus loves US at all times! Tell me, Who can love like Jesus?” (I can love like Jesus.)