This Week In Quest :: I can thank God for God is good.

Main point: I can thank God for God is good.
Bible story: Every Good and Perfect Gift ● James 1:17; Genesis 1

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

    • Who was today’s Bible story about? (God)
    • What happened in the Bible story? (In the beginning, there was only darkness, but God made things like the sky, water, land, trees, flowers, sun, moon, and stars. When God saw what He made, He said it was good.)
    • When God saw what He made, what did He say? (“It is good.”)
    • What are some good things God made? (e.g., sun, stars, plants, animals, people, etc.)
    • We can see God’s goodness in all the good things He made. Can you thank God because He is good? (yes)

Family Activity: Hidden Pictures

WHAT YOU NEED: activity page


  • Before the Activity: Print the activity page and give it to your child.
  • During the Activity: Encourage your child to search for the items they see on the key at the bottom of the page and circle or color them. Make sure each child’s name is on their paper and set aside for pick-up.
  • After the Activity: Name the items the children circled and how each of those things is a good gift from God.


  • During the Activity: “Let’s see if we can find some things hidden on the page. Do you see the key at the bottom of the page? (Pause.) Those items are hidden within the picture. When you find each one, circle or color it.” (Pause.) 
  • After the Activity: “Name one of the items you found. (Pause.) [Item’s name] is a gift from God. What else did you find? (Pause.) [Item’s name] is a gift from God, too. All of these things you found are good gifts that God made! God is so, so good! Now tell me, who is good?” (God is good.)