This Week in Quest :: I can thank God for my family.

Main point: I can thank God for my family.
Bible story: Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz ● Ruth 1-2

As a family, watch this week’s video and discuss these questions together:

  • How many sons did Naomi have? (two)
  • Who married one of Naomi’s sons? (Ruth)
  • After Naomi’s son died, did Ruth want to go back to her own family or stay with Naomi? (stay with Naomi)
  • When Naomi and Ruth needed food, someone helped Ruth by leaving extra grain behind for her to gather in the field. Was his name Blake or Boaz? (Boaz)
  • Did Ruth and Boaz get married? (yes)
  • God gave Naomi family to help her. Can we thank God for our family? (yes)

Family Activity: Family Picture Frame

WHAT YOU NEED: activity page, scissors, crayons and markers


  • Before the Activity: Print off the activity page.
  • During the Activity: Encourage your child to color the picture frame. Then have them draw a picture of your family inside the frame.
  • After the Activity: Review the Bible story.


  • Before the Activity: “Let’s make a picture frame! After you finish coloring it, draw a picture of our family.”
  • After the Activity: “In our story today, we learned about a lady named Naomi. Naomi’s husband and sons had died, and she was all alone. She decided to go back to the town where she grew up. Ruth, who had been married to one of her sons, said she would go with her; she would be her family! God gave Naomi family to help her.

    When they got there, they were so hungry, but they didn’t have any food. Ruth saw a field nearby where workers gathered grain. As they gathered the grain, some would fall to the ground. So Ruth went behind the workers and gathered what had fallen to the ground. The owner of the field was Boaz. When he found out she was family, he made sure she had plenty of good food to pick from his garden. God gave Ruth and Naomi family to help them. All families look different and all families can take care of each other. Thank you, God, for giving us our families! Who can you thank for everything?” (I can thank God for everything.)