This Week In Quest :: Jesus can help me choose faithfulness.

Main point: Jesus can help me choose faithfulness.
Bible story: David and Jonathan ● 1 Samuel 20, 2 Samuel 9

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

  • Our Bible story is about two friends. One of them was named Jonathan. What was the other friend’s name? (David)
  • Was it hard for David and Jonathan to say goodbye to each other? (yes)
  • Did David and Jonathan promise to always be friends? (yes)
  • Later, did David become a knight or the king? (the king)
  • Did David remember his promise to always be a good friend to Jonathan? (yes)
  • David was a faithful friend by taking care of Jonathan’s son. Can Jesus help us choose faithfulness, too? (yes)
  • Who can help you do everything? (Jesus can help me do everything.)

Family Activity: Friendship Freeze Dance

WHAT YOU NEED: music player, Quest playlist


  • During the Activity: Play the Quest playlist and have a dance party with your child. After about 30 seconds, pause the music and encourage your child to stand still or FREEZE. While the music is paused, talk about one way we can be a faithful friend. Then, play the music again and repeat the activity every 30 seconds for as long as your child is interested.


  • Before the Activity: “Let’s have a dance party!” (Play music.)
  • During the Activity: “Okay, now FREEZE! (Pause music.) What’s one way we can be a faithful friend to someone? (Wait for an answer.) That’s right! That’s a great way to be a faithful friend. Now, let’s dance again.” (Play music and repeat activity.)
  • After the Activity: “That was so fun! We talked about a lot of great ways to be a faithful friend, and Jesus can help us! Who can help you do everything?” (Jesus can help me do everything.)