This Week In Quest :: Jesus can help me choose peace.

Main point: Jesus can help me choose peace.
Bible story: Abigail Intervenes ● 1 Samuel 25:1-35

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

  • Today’s Bible story was about Nabal and his wife. Was Nabal’s wife named Annie or Abigail? (Abigail)
  • Did Nabal and Abigail own a lot of sheep or seagulls? (sheep)
  • What did David and his army want after helping Nabal? (food)
  • Did Nabal want to give David and his army any food? (no)
  • Was David happy or angry with Nabal? (angry)
  • Abigail chose peace. What did she bring David and his army? (food and water)
  • Did David and his army choose peace after Abigail gave them food and water? (yes)
  • Can Jesus help us choose peace too? (yes)

Family Activity: Loud and Soft

WHAT YOU NEED: no supplies needed


  • Before the Activity: Sit down with your child and face each other.
  • During the Activity: Encourage your child to say the memory verse with you while doing the motions (below). First, say it in a loud voice. Then, say it in a soft voice. Tell your child that your soft voice is your peaceful voice. Repeat the verse a few times in a soft and peaceful voice. 

          Memory Verse:
          “I can (point to self)
          do everything (spread arms wide)
          through Christ (point up)
          who gives me strength.” (hold up muscles)
          Philippians 4:13 (open hands like a book)


  • Before the Activity: “We’re going to use our voices to show peace today.”
  • During the Activity: “Let’s say our memory verse in different ways. First, let’s say it in a loud voice. (Loudly say the memory verse) Nice job! Now, let’s say the verse in a peaceful voice! (Whisper or softly say the memory verse.) Great job! Our memory verse reminds us that Jesus can help us do everything, including choose peace. Let’s say our memory verse again in our peaceful voices.” (Say the memory verse again in a whisper or soft voice.)
  • After the Activity: “Awesome! We can choose peace with Jesus’ help! Jesus can help us do everything. Who can help you do everything?” (Jesus can help me do everything.)