This Week In Quest :: Jesus can help me choose self-control.

Main point: Jesus can help me choose self-control.
Bible story: When Jesus Is Your Friend Forever ● John 3:16

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

  • When Jesus is your friend forever, can he help you have the power of self-control? (yes)
  • Does having self-control mean you can choose to do the right thing or the wrong thing? (the right thing)
  • Can we show self-control by sharing with others, being patient, and choosing to have a joyful heart? (yes)
  • Who can help you choose self-control? (Jesus)
  • Who can help us do everything? (Jesus can help me do everything.

Family Activity: Bubble Control



  • Before the Activity: Have your child stand in front of you.
  • During the Activity: Blow the bubbles toward your child. Encourage them to stand still and wait for you to say “pop.” Then, they can try to pop all the bubbles before freezing again. Repeat for as long as your child is interested.


  • Before the Activity: “Let’s play with bubbles! While we play with them, we’re also going to practice self-control.”
  • During the Activity: “I want you to be super STILL while I blow the bubbles. When I say ‘pop,’ then you can move and pop all of them! Ready?” (Do the activity.)
  • After the Activity: “Great job! You did so good with self-control while waiting to pop the bubbles! Even when it’s hard to wait, Jesus can help us have self-control. Who can help you do everything?” (Jesus can help me do everything.)