This Week In Quest :: Jesus can help me show God’s goodness.

Main point: Jesus can help me show God’s goodness.
Bible story: City on a Hill ● Matthew 5:14-16

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

  • What did Jesus tell the group of people about: a lizard or a light? (a light)
  • Does shining a light show people God’s goodness? (yes)
  • How can we show God’s goodness? (helping, sharing, and using kind words)
  • When we’re mean, don’t help, or don’t share, are we shining our light or covering it up? (covering it up)
  • Does Jesus want us to cover up our light? (no)
  • Can Jesus help us shine our light and show God’s goodness? (yes)
  • Who can help you do everything? (Jesus can help me do everything.)

Family Activity: Hill  Making

WHAT YOU NEED: multiple pillows, small flashlight/phone flashlight


  • Before the Activity: Place the pillows in your activity area.
  • During the Activity: Encourage your child to help you stack the pillows to create a hill.


  • Before the Activity: “Let’s come over here and build a hill!”
  • During the Activity: “Let’s stack these pillows to build a hill that we can shine our light from! (Demonstrate with two or three pillows.) Now it’s your turn! (Pause, and help your child stack the pillows if they need help.) Look how tall our hill is! Now, let’s add our light. (Switch your flashlight on and set it on top of the pillow hill.) Wow, look how well we can see the light from the top of the hill!”
  • After the Activity: “Great job! Just like the light on the hill, we can shine bright by showing people God’s goodness, and Jesus can help us! Who can help you do everything?” (Jesus can help me do everything.)