This Week In Quest :: Jesus is born.

Main point: Jesus is born.
Bible story: Jesus is Born ● Luke 2:1-7

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

  • Who was today’s Bible story about? (Joseph, Mary, Jesus)
  • What happened in the Bible story? (Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem. There wasn’t room for them in the inn, but they were able to sleep in a stable which is where their baby was born.)
  • What was the baby’s name? (Jesus)
  • What did Mary do after Jesus was born? (Mary wrapped Jesus up and laid Him down in the manger.)
  • Is Jesus God’s Son? (yes)

Family Activity: Jesus Is Born Dance Party

WHAT YOU NEED: Quest Worship Playlist


  • During the Activity: Play music from the Quest Worship Playlist. Dance and celebrate Jesus’ birthday with your child. Continue the activity for as long as your child is engaged.


  • During the Activity: “Today, we learned about the night Jesus was born. Let’s have a dance party to celebrate Jesus’ birthday! Are you ready to dance? (Start the music.) Yes! Big, happy movements to celebrate! (Pause.) Show me your best dance moves. (Pause.) Wow! You’ve got great dance moves! Let’s take the dance party around the room. Follow me! (Lead your child around the room while dancing.) That was so much fun! Let’s stop right here and dance a little more. (Pause.) Great job!” (Stop the music.)
  • After the Activity: “Jesus is the most special baby in all the world and we celebrate His birth at Christmas! Jesus is special because Jesus is God’s Son! Who is God’s Son?” (Jesus is God’s Son.)