This Week In Quest :: Jesus loves people even when they do something wrong.

Main point: Jesus loves people even when they do something wrong.
Bible story: Zacchaeus ● Luke 19:1-10

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

  • Was Zacchaeus’ job to collect money or milk? (money)
  • Did Zacchaeus make wrong choices, like taking more money than he was supposed to? (yes)
  • When Jesus came to Zacchaeus’ town, what did Zacchaeus climb up so he could see Jesus? (a tree)
  • Did Jesus see Zacchaeus up in the tree? (yes)
  • Did Jesus want to go to Zacchaeus’s office or his house? (his house)
  • Did Zacchaeus decide to keep the money or give it back to the people? (give it back to the people)
  • Even though Zacchaeus did something wrong, did Jesus still love him? (yes)
  • Does Jesus love people even when they do something wrong? (yes)

Family Activity: Good Choice, Bad Choice


  • During the Activity: Explain you will read a list of choices. If your child thinks it’s a good choice, encourage them to give two thumbs-up. If it’s a bad choice, instruct them to give two thumbs-down.


  • During the Activity: “I will call out a choice. Some choices are good, and some are bad choices. If it’s a good choice, I want you to give me two thumbs-up. If it’s a bad choice, I want you to give two thumbs-down. Ready? Let’s begin!”
    • You listened to your mom. (good choice)
    • You used unkind words. (bad choice)
    • You made a mess and didn’t clean it up. (bad choice)
    • You helped in the kitchen. (good choice)
    • You played with your brother or sister. (good choice)
    • You ate a cookie without asking permission. (bad choice)
    • You let your friend go first. (good choice)
    • You pushed your brother. (bad choice)
    • You used kind words. (good choice)
    • You called your grandma. (good choice)
    • You took a toy from another friend. (bad choice)
    • You pitched a big fit when your mom said it was time for bed. (bad choice)
  • After the Activity: “Great listening! We all make good choices and bad choices. Just like Zacchaeus from our Bible story, sometimes we make bad choices that we know are wrong. But Jesus still loved Zacchaeus, and He will still love us, too! That’s because Jesus loves everyone. Who loves everyone?” (Jesus loves everyone.)