This Week In Quest :: Jesus’ power is amazing.

Main point: Jesus’ power is amazing.
Bible story: Calming the Storm ● Matthew 8:23-27

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

  • Who was today’s Bible story about? (Jesus, Jesus’ disciples)
  • What happened in the Bible story? (While Jesus and His disciples were in a boat, a BIG storm came and the disciples were afraid. Jesus told the storm to stop and right away, it was calm. The disciples were amazed.)
  • When Jesus stopped the storm, how did the disciples feel? (amazed)
  • Was calming the storm something only Jesus could do? (Yes)
  • Jesus’ power is so amazing, He could stop a storm! Who is amazing? (Jesus is amazing.)

Family Activity: Weather Matching

WHAT YOU NEED: activity pages, scissors, and a glue stick


  • Before the Activity: Print off the activity pages. Cut out the ”Weather Cards” by cutting along the dotted lines. Then give the “Types of Weather” activity page to your child and spread out the “Weather Cards” for your child to see.
  • During the Activity: Point to and name the different types of weather on your child’s “Types of Weather” activity page. Instruct your child to find the matching “Weather Card” and glue it over the matching picture on their page. Continue until they’ve matched all cards and glued them to their page.


  • During the Activity: “What do you see on the page in front of you? (Pause.) Yes! Different types of weather! What is the weather like outside? (Pause.) That’s right! There are all kinds of weather, and we can find some on your page! Let’s work together to match the “Weather Cards” to our page. Did you find a matching card? (Pause.) When you do, glue it on the matching picture on your page. Let’s see if you can find all of the matches. (Pause.) Great job!” 
  • After the Activity: “We can have sunny days or cloudy days or rainy days or COLD days. In today’s story, we learned that Jesus is SO amazing, even the weather obeyed Him! Who is amazing?” (Jesus is amazing.)