This Week In Quest :: Jesus says, “Follow Me.”

Main point: Jesus says, “Follow Me.”
Bible story: Andrew and Peter; John and James ● Matthew 4:18-22; Luke 5:1-11

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

  • Who were the first two fishermen in today’s Bible story that started following Jesus? (Peter and Andrew)
  • Did Jesus want to be friends with them? (yes)
  • Who were the next two fishermen Jesus saw? (James and John)
  • Did they leave their fishing nets behind to follow Jesus? (yes)
  • All four fishermen — Peter, Andrew, James, and John — followed Jesus and became His friends. 
  • Were these men called the disciples or the dudes? (the disciples)
  • Does Jesus want to be friends with you, too? (yes)

Family Activity: Follow 

WHAT YOU NEED: masking tape or duct tape, 10-12 toys or stuffed animals


  • Before the Activity: Tape a straight line on a table or the floor. 
  • During the Activity: Place the toys/stuffed animals around the tape. Ask your child to choose one of the toys/stuffed animals to be the leader and place it at the top of the tape line. Then encourage your child to place the other toys/stuffed animals behind the leader on the tape line. Repeat the activity by choosing a different leader and allowing your child to place the figures in a different order on the tape line each time. 


  • Before the Activity: “We’re learning we can all follow Jesus!”
  • During the Activity: “Let’s practice following someone with our toys/stuffed animals! First, we need to choose a leader. (Pause.) Awesome! This one will make a great leader! Let’s put the leader at the top of the line. (Pause.) Now we can work together to put all the other figures behind the leader so they can follow them. (Pause.) Fantastic job! Let’s do it again with another leader!” 
  • After the Activity: “Great job having the people follow the leader! Remember, we can all follow Jesus and be His friend. Who can be friends with Jesus?” (Everyone can be friends with Jesus.)