This Week In Quest :: Jesus teaches us God loves us, no matter what.

Main point: Jesus teaches us God loves us, no matter what.
Bible story: Prodigal Son ● Luke 15:11-24

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

  • “Did we learn about a story told by Jesus or Joseph?” (Jesus) 
  • “Was the story about a father and his daughter?” (no) 
  • “Was the story about a father and his son?” (yes) 
  • “After the father gave the son money, did the son stay home or did he go far away from home? (the son went far away from home)
  • “Did the son save his father’s money?” (no) 
  • “Did the son spend all of his father’s money?” (yes) 
  • “When the son realized he made bad choices, did he go back home?” (yes) 
  • “Did the father forgive his son?” (yes) 
  • “The father loved his son no matter what. Did Jesus tell this story to teach us God loves us no matter what, too?” (yes)

Family Activity: Blanket Celebration

WHAT YOU NEED: blanket


  • Before the Activity: Lay the blanket out flat on the ground. 
  • During the Activity: Encourage your child to bend down and grab the edge of the blanket with both hands. Encourage them to wave the blanket up and down.


  • Before the Activity: “On the count of three, bend down and pick up the edge with both hands. Ready? One, two, three! (Pause.) Great! Now, stand tall and let’s move our arms up and down. (Do activity.) Let’s all say, “God loves us no matter what!”
  • After the Activity: “That was SO fun! On the count of three, let’s set the blanket down. Ready? One, two, three. (Pause.) The father in the story Jesus told CELEBRATED when his son returned home! He was so excited to see him because he loved him. Jesus teaches us that God loves us, no matter what. That’s SO important to know. Who teaches me important things?” (Jesus teaches me important things.)