This Week In Quest :: Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

Main point: Jesus wants to be my friend forever.
Bible story: Paul Becomes a Believer ● Acts 9:1-9

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

  • At the beginning of our story, was Paul a follower of Jesus? (no)
  • It’s a sun, like the bright light that flashed around Paul! Who spoke to Paul? (Jesus)
  • Where did Jesus tell Paul to go? (To Damascus)
  • When Paul stood up, he couldn’t see. Did the people who were with Paul help him get to Damascus? (yes)
  • When Paul met Jesus, his life was changed forever and Paul started following Jesus. Jesus wants us all to follow Him because He loves us and wants to be our friend forever. Who wants to be your friend forever? (Jesus wants to be my friend forever.)

Family Activity: What’s Under the Cup?

WHAT YOU NEED: activity page, scissors, cups (3)


  • Before the Activity: Print off the activity pages and cut along the dotted lines. Set out three cups on a table and place one of each picture under a cup. 
  • During the Activity: they will pick up one cup to reveal the picture under the cup. Review the part of the story that goes with the story picture and then put the cup back over it. Move the cups around then instruct your child to choose another cup. Continue for as long as your child is interested.


  • During the Activity: “In our Bible story today, a man named Paul saw a bright light. (Hold up the light picture.) Then Paul heard a voice. It was Jesus! (Hold up the Jesus picture.) Jesus asked Paul why he wasn’t His friend. Then Jesus told Paul to go to the city of Damascus (Hold up the city picture.) and wait for someone to tell him what to do. Now that Paul believed Jesus is alive, he did what Jesus told him to do, and he went to the city and waited. That’s our story for today!

    Now we’ll play a cup game where YOU get to tell the story! I’ll put each of these pictures under a cup and move the cups around. You’ll get to pick up each cup and tell us about the picture. Let’s play! Pick a cup. (Pause.) Tell me about what picture you found. (Pause.) Great job! (Continue with each cup/picture.) Great job!”

  • After the Activity: “When Paul met Jesus, Paul’s life changed forever! And WE know that Jesus is alive, too, and that Jesus wants to be our friend forever. Who wants to be your friend forever?” (Jesus wants to be my friend forever.)