This Week In Quest :: On days one and two, God made the light and dark and sky and water.

Main point: On days one and two, God made the light and dark and sky and water.
Bible story: Light and Dark; Sky and Water ● Genesis 1:3-8

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

  • What did God create first? (light)
  • Which day did God create day and night? (day one)
  • Did God put water way up high, down low, or both? (both)
  • Which day did God create the sky and the water? (day two)
  • When God saw His creation, did He think it was good? (yes)

Family Activity: Light, Dark, Sky, Water Movement

WHAT YOU NEED: no supplies needed


  • Before the Activity: Teach your child the following motions for the things God made on days one two:
    • Light = dance in place
    • Dark = put your hands by your head like you’re sleeping 
    • Sky = flap your arms like a bird
    • Water = act like you’re swimming
  • During the Activity: Call out each of these four things (light, dark, sky, and water) at random and lead your child in the motions above. 


  • During the Activity:Today, we learned that God made light and dark on day one and sky and water on day two. Let’s learn some motions for each of the wonderful things God made. For light, let’s dance! (Demonstrate your best dance moves.) For dark, let’s pretend to rest. (Demonstrate by resting your head on your hands.) For sky, let’s fly like a bird. (Flap arms.) And for water, let’s swim! (Act like you’re swimming.) Great job! Okay, here we go. Listen closely so you know what to do.” (Call out light, dark, sky, and water several times in random order.)