This Week In Quest :: On days six and seven, God made the land animals and people, and then He rested.

Main point: On days six and seven, God made the land animals and people, and then He rested.
Bible story: Land Animals and People ● Genesis 1:24-2:3

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

  • Who was our Bible story about? (God)
  • What happened in the Bible story? (God made land animals and people. Then He rested.)
  • On day six, did God make all the birds that fly or animals that walk on land? (animals that walk on land)
  • What was the most wonderful creature God made? (people)
  • On day six, God made people. Was the first person’s name Aaron or Adam? (Adam)
  • What did God do on day seven? (He rested)
  • Did God make everything? (yes)

Family Activity: Animal Heads Up

WHAT YOU NEED: activity pages, scissors


  • Before the Activity: Print off the activity pages and cut out the cards. Explain you will hold an animal card up to your forehead so your child can see the animal. Encourage your child to pretend to be that animal by moving and making sounds like that animal until you successfully name the animal on the card. Repeat with the remaining cards.
  • After the Activity: Talk about how God made all of these amazing animals that we’ll learn about today because God made everything.


  • During the Activity: “I’ll hold a card up to my forehead. When you see the animal, I want you to pretend to be that animal but don’t say the name of the animal out loud. Move and make sounds like the animal until I guess it correctly. Ready? Let’s go. (Hold the first card up to your forehead.) Wow! Is the animal (a/an animal’s name)? Let’s do another one! (Continue for remaining cards.) That was super fun! Aren’t these animals amazing?”
  • After the Activity: “God made all the amazing animals that live on land! He also made all of us. Who made everything?” (God made everything.)