This Week In Quest :: On days three and four, God made the land, plants, sea, sun, moon, and stars.

Main point: On days three and four, God made the land, plants, sea, sun, moon, and stars.
Bible story: Land, Plants, and Sea; Sun, Moon, and Stars ● Genesis 1:9-19

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

  • Which day did God create land, plants, and the sea? (day three)
  • What did God call the water that He gathered together? (the sea)
  • Did God create plants to grow on land or in the sea? (on land)
  • Which day did God create the sun, the moon, and the stars? (day four)
  • What did God make to shine during the day? (the sun)
  • On days three and four, what did God create? (land, plants, sea, sun, moon, and stars)

Family Activity: Things That Are Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green

WHAT YOU NEED: construction paper (1 sheet each of red, blue, yellow, and green) and a washable marker


  • Before the Activity: Set out the four pieces of construction paper on a flat surface and sit in front of the paper with your child. Then, hold up each piece to review the four colors with them.
  • During the Activity: Pick up the red piece of construction paper and ask your child to name things God made that are red. If they need help, name some things from the list below. Write these items on the red construction paper in large letters. Repeat with the blue, yellow, and green pieces of construction paper.
    • RED: apples, red birds, roses, strawberries, ladybugs, tomatoes 
    • BLUE: the sea, blueberries, whales, butterflies, the sky
    • YELLOW: the sun, lemons, corn, bananas, stars, bumblebees
    • GREEN: grass, green beans, trees, broccoli, frogs, leaves


  • Before the Activity: “Come sit with me! Now, tell me what colors you see.” (Hold up each page and identify its color together.)
  • During the Activity: “Let’s think of some things that God made that are red! (Hold up the red piece of paper.) I’ll write our answers on the red piece of paper. What about an apple? Apples are red!” (Continue with each color, helping with the answers above if needed.)
  • After the Activity: “You named SO many red, blue, yellow, and green things that God made! But He didn’t stop there. God made brown, purple, black, pink, orange and white things too! Because remember, God made everything! Who made everything?” (God made everything.)