This Week In Quest :: Our friend, Jesus, is alive!

Main point: Our friend, Jesus, is alive!
Bible story: Easter ● Matthew 26:21-30; 27:1-2; 28:1-7

Happy Easter eKidz families! As a family, watch this week’s video and discuss these questions together:

  • In today’s Bible story, did we learn about the true story of Easter or Esther? (Easter) 
  • God gave us His Son to be our friend forever. Who is God’s Son? (Jesus) 
  • After Jesus had dinner with His friends, did He pray in a garage or a garden? (a garden) 
  • Did Jesus die on a cross or a car? (cross) 
  • How many days did Jesus stay in the tomb? (three) 
  • When Jesus’ friends went to the tomb, was Jesus’ body there? (no) 
  • Is Jesus alive? (yes)

Family Activity: Jesus Is Risen!

WHAT YOU NEED: activity page, crayons or markers, scissors, blocks, and empty toilet paper tubes


  • Before the Activity: Print off the activity page and give it to your child.
  • During the Activity: Point out the closed tomb at the top of the page and the empty tomb with Jesus standing nearby at the bottom. Encourage your child to use a marker to find their way through the maze from the closed tomb at the top of the page to the open tomb with Jesus. 


  • Before the Activity: “What do you see at the top of the page? Yes, a closed tomb. Some people hurt Jesus, and He died. Then they placed His body in the tomb and rolled a big heavy stone over the entrance. But three days later—count with me, one, two, three—Jesus came back! (Point the open tomb at the bottom of the page.) Yes! Jesus is alive! Let’s see if we can figure out how to make it through the maze from the closed tomb at the top to the empty tomb at the bottom!” 
  • After the Activity: “Way to go! You found your way through the maze. I’m so glad to know that our friend Jesus is alive! What a wonderful friend He is. Who wants to be your friend forever? (Jesus wants to be my friend forever.)