This Week In Quest :: Our friend, Jesus, is always with us.

Main point: Our friend, Jesus, is always with us.
Bible story: Walking On Water ● Matthew 14:22-33

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

  • When Jesus went to pray, did the disciples get into a boat or a basket? (a boat)
  • Who did they see walking toward them on the water? (Jesus)
  • How did the disciples feel when they saw Jesus? (happy)
  • One of the disciples stepped out of the boat to walk toward Jesus. Who was it? (Peter)
  • When Peter began to sink, did Jesus help him? (yes)
  • Jesus was with Peter and the disciples. Is Jesus always with us, too? (yes)

Family Activity: Places You Go

WHAT YOU NEED: activity page


  • Before the Activity: Print off the activity pages. 
  • During the Activity: Hold up each picture one at a time. Identify the place in the picture and use the dialogue below to talk about how Jesus is always with you in that place. Repeat with all four pictures. 


  • Before the Activity: “We’re learning we can all follow Jesus!”
  • During the Activity: 
    • Dentist: “Dentists help us take care of our teeth! Is Jesus with you at the dentist’s office? (Pause.) Yes!”
    • Restaurant: “Is Jesus with you when our family goes to a restaurant to eat? (Pause.) Yes!”
    • Post Office: “When we go to the post office to mail a letter or package, is Jesus with us? (Pause.) Yes!”
    • Library: “Is Jesus with you when you go to the library to get a book? (Pause.) Yes!” 
  • After the Activity: “I’m SO glad to have a good, good friend like Jesus. He wants to be our friend forever, and He is with us wherever we go! Who wants to be your friend forever?” (Jesus wants to be my friend forever.)