Hey, eKidz volunteers!

May is here, and depending on where you live and what stage of life you’re in, that could mean summer vacation is coming soon for your kids, the heat of the warmest months of the year are just around the corner, or maybe your garden is starting to take off.

This month might represent a lot of different things to us, but for our eKidz, it means two simple things: help and confidence.

In May, Safari will learn God helps us, Quest will talk about how He made us to help, and Motion will discover we can have confidence because He’s always with us. These stories and lessons aren’t just for kids; we need to learn from them as well in order to have the kind of relationship with God that He desires for us.

We hope this devotional won’t just prepare us for serving in eKidz this month, but also enable us to help kids grow closer to God. We can’t wait to see what He has planned for us this May!

This month, eKidz will learn God helps us, that He made us to help others, and discover how we can have confidence because He’s always with us. By serving in eKidz, you’re already helping children and showing them God’s presence each week — let’s take this one step further by preparing to talk about these topics from a place of overflow!


In April, our Motion kids learned all about humility — that when Jesus was on earth, He gave us the ultimate example of humility. Jesus is God, and He put that aside for us. Through His life and death, Jesus also showed us how to serve others and put them first. On Easter and the following Sunday, Motion kids heard the salvation message and 144 of them put Jesus first in their life by accepting Him as their Savior! 

Two of those salvations were Emma and Ava, whose parents, Brad and Sara Ramsey, serve at the Ballantyne campus as Motion volunteers. 

Sara, Emma, Ava, and Brad Ramsey

The Ramsey family first visited Elevation Church in 2018, and Sara began serving on the volunteer orientation team. Later, she switched teams to serve in eKidz (in both Safari and Clubhouse), and when Brad decided to volunteer, they signed up to serve in Motion as a family. Sarah said, “The blessing for me week after week is getting hugs and teaching the word of the Lord, especially to children who may be visiting for the first time. Our daughters now ask about God/Jesus and repeat memory verses from our lessons. To be part of the 2023 Easter eKidz experience where both my daughters — Emma and Ava — were ready to invite God into their hearts was incredibly emotional for me as a mother, knowing my place in life is to bring them closer to Christ.” 

Every week, you have the opportunity to put others before yourself and extend the love of Christ to kids and their families. Keep up the incredible work!


June is an exciting month for our ministry as we celebrate PROMOTION! 🥳

Motion Promotion is our time to honor our Quest kindergarteners who will make the transition to Motion. On June 4 and 11, all Motion kids will be recognized for completing one grade and moving on to the next exciting phase of their journey!

Meanwhile, our Motion 5th graders will officially move up to 6th grade during YTH promotion. For the summer, they are still welcome to attend Motion on Sundays or join the main service, but they are also invited to some YTH events that will help prepare them for their next chapter as middle schoolers.

They can look forward to Rhythm Night on May 31, a gathering where they can have fun, connect with other youth, and find the right rhythm in their walk with Jesus. And from July 6-9, they can experience YTHX, a three-day summer camp extravaganza where they will grow in faith, hear from God, and have a blast with youth from all of our campuses. Visit to learn more and register today!

Instructional Video Links

Each week prior to serving, spend 10-15 minutes and use the weekly eKidz instructional videos to prepare to serve kids and families with excellence. Videos for the upcoming Sunday are available each Wednesday at noon.

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