It’s November, eKidz volunteers! We hope the information in this month’s eKidz Update will help you prepare your hearts for both guiding kids and continuing to grow in your personal relationships with Christ. We’re so excited to see what God has in store this month!


Hey, eKidz volunteers!

One of the focuses of this month’s devotional is thankfulness, so we want to thank YOU for taking time to invest in our eKidz. We want every moment kids spend in a Safari, Quest, or Motion room to make an impact on their lives, and that can’t happen without you.

This month, our eKidz will learn all about thankfulness, courage, and God’s goodness — and so will we! Taking time to study Safari, Quest, and Motion’s Bible stories and focuses will not only prepare us to guide kids through these topics, but also help us consider different ways we can thank God, praise His goodness, and rely on Him for courage in our own lives.

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Pastor Steven has taught us gratitude is never invisible or silent, and we want to see an eKidz volunteer you are grateful for!

Snap a picture of you and the volunteer and send it to for a chance to win a grateful box for you both! Share with us why you are grateful for them and make sure to include the volunteer’s first and last name.


“Imagine a fifth grader in our church. This fifth grader shows up on Sunday because his parents drag him along, but mentally he’s checked out. And who could blame him? He’s been around since kindergarten. He’s heard all of the stories, has played all the games, and has heard all of the music. He’s ready for a change, but the change to middle school isn’t for another year. And this kid’s about to check out for good.

Or how about a kindergartener who is moving from the safe preschool environment they’ve grown to trust with toys and crafts, stuffed animals and cozy reading corners. She shows up for her first Sunday in the elementary environment, takes one look inside at the crazy about to take place, and without hesitation burst into tears. She’s just starting this elementary journey, and she’s begging her mom to go back to preschool.

And then there’s everyone in between with unique stories and situations that impact how much they connect with your programming. You might start to wonder how can we get this right? How can we help kids want to keep coming back and engage with our ministry?

The answer starts with a principle of Lead Small: Be Present.”

Click HERE to continue reading and learn more about the three important ways you can be present and connect your kids to a faith community.

Instructional Video Links

Each week prior to serving, spend 10-15 minutes and use the weekly eKidz instructional videos to prepare to serve kids and families with excellence. Videos for the upcoming Sunday are available each Wednesday at noon.

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