Weekend Wrap-Up



Monthly Focus: God Wants Me to Share
Bible Story: Jesus Feeds 5,000 :: John 6:1-14
Weekend Activity: “I Can Share” snack

Recreate the “I Can Share” snack your child enjoyed in class this weekend!  Sit with your child at your kitchen table, and ask your child how many loaves of bread the boy shared with Jesus (5) and then give each of your five graham cracker sticks.

Next, ask your child how many fish the boy shared with Jesus (2) and then give each of your two goldfish.  Say, “now we have the same amount that the boy shared with Jesus.  Let’s practice sharing by sharing our snack with each other.”



Main Point: Friends forgive others!
Bible Story: Genesis 45:3-8 – Joseph forgives his family
Lesson Overview: Agent O and and his spy helpers, Pogo and Dot, led our spy mission to the Spy Chase Library this week. Molly was having a hard time forgiving her friend Jackie for spilling a drink all over her and her school work! Pogo and Dot shared the story of Joseph forgiving his family after they betrayed him (Genesis 45:3-8), and Molly learned that “Friends forgive others!”

Quest agents collected their third piece of evidence to glue into their Spy Folder at home this week. While you are helping your agent glue the piece of evidence in their Spy Folder, review the memory verse about friendship we are learning throughout the Spy Chase series:

Memory Verse:  “A friend loves at all times.” – Proverbs 17:17a

Weekend Resource: Evidence Photo Week 3 coloring picture



Monthly Virtue: Obedience – choosing to do what’s asked of you
Bible Story: Matthew 17:24-27
Lesson Overview:  All month in Motion kids are learning about OBEDIENCE – choosing to do what’s asked of you.  This weekend we read a story about Jesus obeying those in authority by paying His taxes.  He put the money needed to pay his taxes in the mouth of a fish and sent His disciple, Peter, to go get it.