Weekend Wrap-Up



Monthly Focus: God Wants Me to be a Friend
Bible Story: Ruth and Naomi :: Ruth 1:15-18
Weekend Activity: ‘______ is a friend’ nameplate
This weekend your child created a ‘______ is a friend’ nameplate as a visual reminder that God wants them to be a friend! Take your child’s nameplate and place it on their bedroom door. Each night as your child walks into their room to go to bed, review the monthly focus, God wants me to be a friend.

Ask your child, “What do you like to do with your friends? (Playing outside, swinging, eating snacks, coloring, etc.) How can you be a friend to others? (Sharing toys, saying kind words, giving a hug when their friend is sad, etc.) You are a great friend! Repeat after me, ‘______ (insert your child’s name) is a friend!”



Bible Story: John 13:4-6, Jesus Washes the Disciples Feet
Lesson Overview: In the second weekend of our Action 7 World News series the news team reported some of the biggest news this past weekend! Our Quest studio audience heard the Bible story about Jesus washing his disciples feet (John 13:4-6) and learned “I will be kind to others!”

We are also in the second weekend of the Action 7 World News “Chicken Challenge” where all of the offering collected in Quest through Easter will be used to send baby chickens to Africa through Elevation’s Outreach Partner, Samaritan’s Purse. These chickens will provide a source of nutrition and income to bless a household in need. We encourage you and your child to get involved in this chance to make a global impact through your generosity!

Help your child learn our Quest memory verse this month during Action 7 World News:

“And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” – Matthew 28:20b

Stay tuned as your child learns about the life of Jesus throughout March and April!

Weekend Resource: Chicken Challenge Week 2 Chicken #2, Chicken Challenge Week 2 Chicken #3



Monthly Virtue: Humility – Putting others before yourself.
Bible Story: Humility Towards Our Peers :: Luke 14:11
Lesson Overview:  This weekend in Motion we continued our March Madness series on humility – putting others before yourself.  We used bubble gum and balloons to remind us that if we aren’t careful our pride can hurt other people.

Ask your child about the balloon he or she brought home from Motion this past weekend.  During an activity called “Don’t Get a Big Head,” your child blew a balloon up as big as possible without popping it.  Then, the group discussed ways to show humility in different situations.  For each answer, the group was able to let out a small amount of air from their balloon.

This activity demonstrated what happens when we are the opposite of prideful and act in humility. With every example of humility shared the balloon got smaller. The more humble we become, the less it becomes about us and the more people are able to see God!

This week play some balloon games with your child . . . balloon volleyball or balloon hide-n-go seek or balloon keep away.  Before or after the game, take a minute to pray with your child that God would help them recognize opportunities to be humble towards others.