Monthly Focus: God wants me to trust Him!
Bible Story:  Joshua 6:1-20
Weekend Activity: Joshua’s Men and the Wall

Each weekend in eKidz your child learns Bible stories and truths about God in fun and engaging ways.  This month we are learning God wants me to trust Him! from the story of Joshua and the Wall of Jericho.

Use the Joshua’s Men and the Wall crown your child made this weekend to review the Bible story with your toddler.  Sit on the floor with your toddler and put the crown in the center.  Point to the stone wall and say, “Joshua and his men needed to get into the city of Jericho but there was a HUGE stone wall.  God told Joshua to walk around the wall once each day for six days.  Let’s march around the wall six times.”

Stand up and march around the wall (crown), each time counting out loud the time around.  After marching six times, say, “on the seventh day, Joshua and his men marched and played trumpets and shouted.  Let’s march around the wall one time and make lots of noise!”  March around the wall one more time, making lots of noise.  Say, “after Joshua and his men marched, the wall came tumbling down!  Joshua trusted God.  God wants us to trust Him too!”

WEEKEND RESOURCE: Download the July monthly newsletter for songs and activities to supplement at home what your child is learning in eKidz.

Bible Story: Matthew 28:1-10
Main Point: The Bible Says Jesus is Alive!
Memory Verse: “When you look for me with all your heart, you will find me.” – Jeremiah 29:13
Lesson Overview:  SHIVER ME TIMBERS! This past weekend in Quest was so much fun as we learned “The Bible Says Jesus is Alive!” We heard that Jesus rose from the dead and went up to heaven to be with God. Our Bible story said that the angel told Mary and her friends to go tell the disciples that Jesus had risen like He said He would!

Your pirate had a great time making their very own pirate flag, eating a “dirty” pirate fudgsicle, and collecting another treasure chest for their treasure map! On the back of this week’s treasure chest is a fun piratey riddle for you and your child to solve together. Here is this week’s riddle – good luck discovering the answer together:


The answer to the riddle is a SHOVEL! Take a minute to find a picture of the shovel on your child’s Pirates! treasure map. Then, help your child glue their treasure chest to the map.

Use the game, Capture the Pirate Flag, to have some pirate fun and reinforce what your little pirate learned in Quest this weekend.


Split your family into two teams. Have each team make their own pirate flag using a piece of paper and crayons.  Once the flags are drawn, one member from each team needs to hide their flag in the house or yard while everyone else has their eyes closed. On the count of three, each team will quickly try to find the other team’s flag and bring it back to an area you’ve designated “the pirate ship” (base) for the game. The first team to bring the other team’s flag back to the pirate ship must say “Jesus is Alive!” as loud as they can and repeat it until all pirates return to the pirate ship.  Hide the pirate flags in another location and play again!

WEEKEND RESOURCE:  Treasure Chest #6

Monthly Virtue: Unity – Choosing to work together for the same purpose.
Monthly Bible Verse: I appeal to you, brothers and sisters,in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly united in mind and thought.   1 Corinthians 1:10
Bible Story: Elisha and the Widow :: 2 Kings 4:1-7
Lesson Overview: We are in our summer series Forecast: Chance of Rain where we have been learning about unity – choosing to work together for the same purpose. During this series, we have been doing a favorite rainy day activity – watching movies! In these movies, we have seen people work together with their friends, with their families, and with authority figures. In this weekend’s movie, Toy Story 3, we looked at unity in the community.

But as much as we like learning about unity from some of our favorite movies, we looked to the ultimate source on unity: the Bible! From 2 Kings 4:1-7 we read about the widow with a little bit of oil.  Because this woman’s husband had died, she and her sons had bills to pay and no money to pay them with. If the woman didn’t pay her bills, her sons were going to be taken from her as payment. All the woman had left was a teeny tiny bit of oil. God was able to perform a miracle using the teeny tiny bit of oil.  Her friends helped her when she was in need by bringing her jars. Because the woman and her friends were unified, God was able to perform a miracle and multiply the oil.

Just like Elisha and the woman’s friends rallied around her and helped her when she was in need, the characters in Toy Story 3 united together to help each other.  Buzz made the decision to have unity with his friends, even though it cost him. And Woody sacrificed being with Andy at college to go back to Sunnyside and save his friends.

Check out The Family Forecast to learn more about unity and for activities to complete with your family.   Visit the blog this Friday to enter The Family Forecast Family Pack GIVEAWAY – it contains all the materials your family will need to have a family movie night based on next weekend’s movie, Despicable Me.

WEEKEND RESOURCE:  The Family Forecast – Toy Story 3 (Use The Family Forecast as a tool to reinforce at home what your child is learning in Motion.  Each weekend of the Forecast series receive a different Family Forecast movie night guide and plan a movie night for your family based on the movie clips we watched in Motion.)