Weekend Wrap-Up

1st – 5th Grade

Monthly Virtue: Wisdom – learning to make better choices.
Monthly Bible Verse: “So I turned my mind to understand, to investigate, and to search out wisdom.”  Ecclesiastes 7:25a
Bible Story: A prophet without honor (get your heart right) :: Mark 6:1-6
Lesson Overview: 

Our hearts must be ready in order for us to gain wisdom.  We read in Mark 6:1-6 that because the people in Jesus’ hometown didn’t have their hearts right, Jesus didn’t perform many miracles for them.  Because their hearts weren’t right, they were unable to receive wisdom from Jesus.

We don’t want to be like the people in Jesus’ town and not have our hearts ready to receive God’s Word or His blessings.  This week, use these three ways to prepare your heart to hear from God: pray to God, worship God, and read your Bible.

Encourage your child to spend time this week in their Field Guide.  The Field Guide contains daily assignments to help your child continue learning about wisdom at home.

WEEKEND RESOURCE:  Anthony Shaheen’s Field Guide

3 years – Kindergarten

Bible Story: Genesis 1:6-8, Day 2 of Creation
Main Point: “God Made The Sky!”
Memory Verse: “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” – Genesis 1:31a
Lesson Overview:

Welcome to the Roanoke Jones Cafe! Roanoke Jones cafe is a tribute to the world famous detective Roanoke Jones, and each weekend we visit the cafe we hear how Roanoke Jones and his friends stopped the evil Professor Arty Morty from making the people of the world think everything God made is bad!

This past weekend we heard the story of Professor Arty Morty trying to convince people that the sky was bad. He created the “super-duper-the-sky-is-bad-anator,” forcing them to buy umbrellas to hide from the sky.

Roanoke Jones and his assistant, Swanson, discovered his evil plan and stopped the Professor by telling people a Bible story about how “God Made the Sky!” (Genesis 1:6-8) and it was good. Roanoke and Swanson saved the day again!

Your child received their second magnetic puzzle piece words “God Made the Sky!” to collect. Have your child place it next to the first puzzle piece on the refrigerator and guess what picture they think the puzzle will form.

6 weeks – 2 years

Monthly Focus: God wants me to pray!
Bible Story:  Daniel 6:7-23
Weekend Activity: God Says PRAY! activity

Daniel prayed to God and was thrown into the lions’ den, but God sent an angel and kept Daniel safe!  God wants us to pray to Him too!  During activity time or family time this week, play “God says PRAY” with your toddler.  Call out a command for your toddler to obey.  After a few commands say, “God says pray!”  Encourage your toddler to close their eyes, bow their heads, and fold their hands, as you lead your toddler in prayer.  Continue saying commands and “God says pray!”  At the end of the game say, “God wants us to pray to Him.  We can pray to Him anytime and anywhere!”

COMMANDS: jump up and down, wave your hands in the air, sit on the ground, touch your nose/toes/etc.

PRAYERS: Dear God, thank you that we can pray to you.  Amen. | Dear God, thank your for the Bible.  Amen. | Dear God, thank your for our friends.  Amen. | Dear God, thank you for our moms and dads.  Amen. | Dear God, thank you for our snack.  Amen.

EXAMPLE:  God says jump up and down (encourage your toddler to jump up and down) . . . God says touch your nose (encourage your toddler to touch his or her nose) . . . God says PRAY (encourage your toddler to bow his or her head, close their eyes, and fold their hands, then pray) … Dear God, thank you that you help me when I am scared. Amen.