Weekend Wrap-Up

1st – 5th Grade

Monthly Bible Verse: John 15:12-13 “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this; to lay down one’s life for a friend.”
Bible Story: Joseph’s Brothers Ask For Food | Genesis 42:1-20. 25-26
Lesson Overview:

We’ve learned a lot about the life of Joseph the past 5 weeks during our series Dr. Oz: The Dream Catcher. So far we know:

  • Joseph’s father loved him very much and had a special coat made for him.
  • His brothers were very jealous and sold him into slavery.
  • God was with Joseph and helped him through the hard times he had. One day, the king had a dream that bothered him. He sent for Joseph to help him understand his dream. He told the king that God was going to bring a famine to the land after seven good years.
  • Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of a portion of Egypt. During the good time, Joseph helped store grain to prepare for the hard times that would come and became a very important person to the king.
  • This weekend we learned honor is acknowledging the value in others by respecting authority. When Joseph’s brothers went in search of grain, they ended up in front of Joseph, who was the governor of the land and sold grain to all the people. Joseph’s brothers bowed down before him because he was in authority over them. God puts people in authority over our life to help us learn and make good decisions. It’s important for us to show them honor by acknowledging how important or valuable they are and respecting them.

    3 years – Kindergarten

    Bible Story: The Parable of the Talents | Matthew 18:23-33
    Main Point: I Will Forgive Others!
    Memory Verse: “Do not just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says.” – James 1:22 (NLT)
    Lesson Overview:

    We joined Sharky, Captain Nic and his crew for another adventure under the deep blue seas! This week we were on the search for the lost treasure of Queen Raven’s jewels. Once we found the treasure, Spike tied it to the back of the submarine to carry it back to the command center. But when the crew arrived, the treasure was nowhere to be found! The rope Spike tied couldn’t hold the treasure!


    Crew members Lacey and Pogo didn’t want to forgive Spike for losing the treasure, but Captain Nic shared an important Bible story with them. He shared the story of the unforgiving debtor and we learned we should always forgive others, just like the king forgave the man of his debt. Lacey and Pogo decided to forgive Spike, and they all went back out to sea to find the treasure again!

    6 weeks – 2 years

    Monthly Focus: God Wants Me To Share!
    Bible Story: Jesus Feeds the 5,000 | John 6:1-14
    Weekend Activity: Fish and Loaves Find activity

    Play Fish and Loaves Find with your toddler! Print the seven fish and loaves pictures (or use pictures from a magazine or newspaper) and hide the pictures in a room in your house. Say, “A little boy shared his lunch with Jesus. He shared two fish and five loaves of bread. Hidden around the room are two fish and five loaves of bread. Let’s find them!”

    Once all the pictures are found, say, “We can share our things just like the little boy shared his lunch. God wants us to share!”