What is Uplink?

It’s not the Star Trek transporter.  Or a cellular alarm communication system.   Or even a computer crime espionage unit.

UpLink is an intentional relationship building time at the end of Motion, right before and during dismissal.  It’s a time for small group leaders to facilitate discussion with their group, fostering peer-to-peer and peer-to-leader relationships.

UpLink can be based around a short video, game, song, or the virtue or bottom line for the day.

So grab your family and check out this YouTube video that Motion kids watched last weekend.  It’s an interview with the CEO of Freetoes, a new sock company gaining speed in the United States.  Not too impressive, until you meet the 9-year-old CEO! After watching the video clip, have a family discussion using the UpLink discussion questions below.


UpLink Discussion Topic: Working Together

–   How did the girl in the video and her family work together to achieve success?
–   Name one crazy idea that you’ve had.
–   Did you ask anyone to help you with your idea? Why or Why not?
–   If you had a team of people supporting you, what would you try to accomplish?
–   How does Elevation Church work as a team to get things done?
–   Name one team that you have been on. It can be a sports team or a dance team, etc. What did you accomplish?

Jessica Bealer
eKidz Director, Rock Hill Campus