Wonder! Clubhouse: Follow Me – Week 4 #Quest

Bible Story: Jesus is Alive  |  Matthew 26:20-30, 27:1-2, 28:1-2
Main Point: I can follow Jesus because He is my friend forever!
Memory Verse: ‘Come and follow me,’ Jesus said. Matthew 4:19


Lesson Overview
We can celebrate because Jesus is alive and can be our friend forever! God sent Jesus to earth to save us from our sins. But Jesus didn’t stay dead. After being dead for three days, Jesus rose again and now lives in Heaven. Jesus is alive and we can follow Him because He showed us how to live and love others.


Memory Verse – Matthew 4:19
Continue helping your child learn Matthew 4:19 at home. Knowing this verse helps children remember we should follow Jesus!

Come (spread arms wide)
and follow me,’ (march in place)
Jesus said. (cup hands around mouth)
Matthew 4:19 (open hands like a book)

After helping your child practice this verse at home, ask them to Remember, Think, and Follow to review what we learned this weekend.

1 REMEMBER: After Jesus died, who put his body in a tomb? (Jesus’s friends)
2 THINK: What did Mary do after the angel told her Jesus was alive? (She was so happy she ran to tell her friends the good news.)
3 FOLLOW: Who loves us so much and wants to be our friend forever? (Jesus!)