#ZackInTime: Episode 1

December Memory Verse: Luke 10:27, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind.”
Series Virtue: Love – responding with action to what God has done
Bible Story: The Boy Jesus at the Temple | Luke 2:41-52
Main Point: Love is shared.

This week, we began our brand new series, Zack in Time. We met Zack Miller, a normal kid getting ready for the holidays. Like a lot of kids, he doesn’t really understand why we do certain things around the holidays. Traditions seem kind of random and weird. Sometimes visiting relatives is awkward. Opening presents is really the most exciting part. Well, Zack meets up with Dr. Oldman and when Dr. Oldman picks up on this, he goes on a mission to help Zack understand better. Check out the first episode below:

Zack saw that some of the traditions his family does today have their roots a long time ago. Traditions help us remember what God has done. Traditions are one way that we share love with others and they help us remember God’s love.

Jesus’ family participated in a tradition called Passover, which helped the Israelites remember how God rescued them from slavery.

What traditions does your family have? As you enter into this holiday season, have discussions with your family about different traditions, where they came from, and what they help you remember. Consider starting a new tradition this year that helps you remember things God has done for you.