💬 Conversations With The Kids

Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried to talk to your kids and ask them questions, but received a one-word response. We’ve all been there! 

As parents, we want to know how our kids are doing, but sometimes it’s hard to get the conversation going. Here’s a few helpful tips to get you started:

  • Be present — mentally, physically, and emotionally. Give them your full attention.
  • Ask open-ended questions — and give them space to lead the discussion (What’s something that made you laugh today? What’s one high and one low that happened this week? If I could help you with anything, what would it be?) 
  • Eat together — set aside time to sit and enjoy a meal together, which can help set a great conversation atmosphere.
  • Practice listening — make eye contact with them and listen without interrupting.

Having intentional conversations with our kids shows them how much we love and value them.