May Elementary Devotional 📖

God created us in His image — even when we make mistakes, He still loves us. In our new five-day devotional, we’ll talk about how our choices can lead to godly character — having honesty, trust, and integrity. Your kids can follow along with our devotional HERE.

April eKidz Devotional 📖

Jesus was a real person who came to earth to show us how to live a full life. In our new four-day elementary devotional, “All About Following Jesus,” kids will learn how to follow Jesus into the light of life. We’ll also explore Bible stories and listen to clips from our family podcast, Adventures Of […]

NEW Elementary Devotional 📚

Sharing God’s peace starts with us. In our new four-day devotional, “All About Peace,” kids will learn how to seek God’s peace in their everyday lives through exploring Bible stories and listening to clips from “Cloud City Chaos” — the newest season of our eKidz family podcast, Adventures Of The StarKeepers. CLICK HERE to check out this devotional on […]