Get Your Family Ready to Serve for LOVE Week 2021

LOVE Week is approaching and the thought of serving with your kids can be exciting, but you might be asking… How do I talk to my kids about the importance of serving or what kind of events should I sign my family up for?  Check out the “Serving Together During LOVE Week: A Five-minute Family […]

It’s time for volume two of “The Lost Tales” in the new season of Adventures Of The StarKeepers!

What will happen in this season of Adventures Of The StarKeepers? Will we go to a crazy birthday party? Try to wrangle some dangerous dinosaurs? Ride Go-Karts in a musical city? Try to save an underwater metropolis from sudden storms? The short answer is, YES! During these adventures, we’ll also talk about things like how […]

On the Road Resources

Need a little help occupying your kids in the car while you travel this summer? Looking for apps or games for your kids to use in between asking, “Are we there yet?” We’ve got you covered. Head over to our “On the Road Resources” Pinterest board for great resources such as podcasts, music, and apps […]