Celebrating Fall as a Family

Fall is filled with school starting back, festivals, and holiday traditions. But creating memories takes effort — planning and execution. Here are a few ideas on how to make the most of the fall season with your family.

BUT FIRST . . . choose a couple of options that could work for you and your family. Then — and this is important — put the events on your calendar.

Bake Together
Fall is a season for all the best-baked goods — pumpkin pie, apple cobbler, cherry turnovers. Choose one and even make the shopping part of the experience! Make a list and see who can nd the ingredients first. When it’s time to bake, give each person a task and then make something delicious and enjoy it together. Bonus points if you double down on the recipe and share with a neighbor!

Nature Hike
Get outside! Round up the troops and take a nature hike together. Even fifteen minutes of walking together outside can be a great reset button for your family. Take it to the next level by making a list of things you could see in nature (red bird, running water, squirrel, deer, dead tree, etc.) and make your nature walk a scavenger hunt competition!

S’more than S’mores
Take a trip to the grocery store and pick up the supplies to make S’mores, but add in a few variations.

• An Oreo instead of a graham cracker
• Chocolate chip cookie instead of a graham cracker
• Nutella® instead of a chocolate bar
• Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup instead of a chocolate bar
• Add salted caramel
• Add a fruit topping

Raise the event to the next level by challenging your family members to create their own signature S’more. Have everyone name their dessert before serving it to the family.

Go to a Football Game
Whether it be high school, college, or NFL, deck out the entire family in mascot colors or spirit-wear and cheer on your team-of-choice together. Even if you’re not a sports fan, rallying around a common cause will not only be fun, but bring your family closer together.

Visit a Corn Maze
This is a fall staple, but don’t underestimate it! For younger kids, there’s usually a petting zoo or carnival games. For older kids, the maze is the perfect opportunity for your family to work together to conquer a challenge.

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