Giving God Our Tithes and Offerings

Every year at Elevation, we have an opportunity to stretch our faith and give towards a year end offering. This offering is dedicated to reaching more people with the gospel through the growth and expansion of our church.

As a family, pray and discuss how God is calling you to participate in this year’s offering. It might mean taking a step of faith and starting to tithe or giving beyond the tithe. 

Also, use this opportunity to talk to your child about what tithing means and how to give God’s way. Below are a few resources to help your entire family participate in this season and grow in your faith together.

1. Family Discussion: Tithing and Giving

Watch this video with your child to learn about the tithe and then choose a few questions to discuss together.

Family Questions:

  • What is the tithe?
  • What should we tithe?
  • What can our tithe do?
  • How do we tithe?
  • How can you be generous with what God has given you?

2. Help your child start tithing

If your child does not currently tithe, download the digital Give. Save. Spend. kit to help them manage their money God’s way. The kit includes family devotionals, printable boxes, and labels to decorate their giving containers. 

3. How to choose a word for 2022.

December 12 is our Year End Offering Weekend, where we will bring our offerings to God and also write down a word representing what we are believing God for in the upcoming year. 

In addition to choosing a word for yourself, you might also choose a family word for the year or help your child determine their own word.

Some questions to help your child or family choose a word:

Child Questions

  • What’s a word that would make God happy and you happy this year?
  • When you think about school, what word would you pick to help you be who God wants you to be at school?
  • Is there a way you want to be more like Jesus this year? What word describes how you want to be more like Jesus?
  • What’s a word that would encourage you to help people around and love them like Jesus?
  • Read Galatians 5:22-23. What’s one fruit of the Spirit you want to grow in over the next year? 
  • Is there something you want to get better at this year? 

Family Questions

  • Is there something our family wants to get better at this year?
  • What does our family want to be known for?
  • Where is God calling our family to be more like Him? What’s a word that that would make God happy?

Once you’ve chosen a word, visit to create downloadable graphics for your electronic devices or to print out.