How To Choose A Bible For Your Child

As parents, we want our kids to LOVE reading the Bible! The Bible is living and active, full of promises to encourage us and give us hope, and holds stories of God’s provision and faithfulness.

With so many different Bibles out there, it can be hard to choose one that’s just right for your child. Here are four questions that can help!

  1. What is the age and reading level of your child?

Understanding your child’s reading and comprehension ability for their age level will help you select a Bible or storybook Bible that your child can both enjoy and understand.

Full-Text Bibles contain the complete 66 books of the Bible, including the Old and New Testaments. Typically, these Bibles are in order of Genesis through Revelation. Storybook Bibles are designed for children ages four to eight and use full-color illustrations. They are a good supplement to help little ones understand basic stories and themes from the Bible. However, storybooks aren’t a replacement for God’s Word and don’t replace reading to our kids straight from God’s Word.

  1. What is the best Bible translation based on your child’s reading level?

When considering which Bible translation is best for your child, it helps to know your child’s reading comprehension level. For kids ages eight through ten, the easiest translations for them to read are considered dynamic equivalence Bible translations — which translates original text into modern language. (e.g., The New Living Translation (NLT), the New International Version (NIV), and the Christian Standard Bible (CSB)) Elevation Church uses the NIV translation.

  1. How will your child use the Bible?

When it comes to full-text Bibles, there are many options. Knowing how your child will use the Bible, such as for personal devotion, to follow along at church, or for Bible studies will help you choose a Bible with features that best match your child’s needs. For personal devotion, you might want to select a gender-specific devotional Bible, or if using it at church, you might want the NIV version.

  1. How will my child learn to use their Bible?

Once you have selected and purchased a Bible for your child, take time to introduce your child to the Bible and its features. Spend time reading a favorite Bible story or doing a devotional reading with your child to help them learn how to use their new Bible. The habit of Bible reading can begin in a child’s foundational years, and it can start with their own special Bible!

Below are some Bibles we suggest. If you need help determining the best Bible for your child, ask the eKidz Director at your Elevation campus.

Bible Suggestions

*From Zondervan Christian Publishers. Visit Zondervan for more information and tips to choose the best Bible for your child.