How to Create Moments for Your Family This Summer

There are few things that feel more rewarding for a parent than creating a memorable moment for your child. Since kids are already out of their normal routine, summer is a perfect opportunity to create moments that your child will remember and reflect on for years to come.

In their book, The Power of Moments, Chip Heath and Dan Heath explain how defining moments can shape our lives, but they also emphasize that we don’t have to wait for them to happen; we can create them intentionally. When we make the effort to shake up our routines and do something special for our kids — even something small or seemingly insignificant — the impact can create special moments our kids will treasure.

Since getting started is often the hardest part of creating something, hopefully these ideas will help you begin the process of creating moments for your kids this summer!

  • Host a #GOALS night for your family: Encourage each person in the family to set a goal for the summer — anything from reading a specific number of books, to riding your bike at least three days each week, to performing one act of kindness each day. At the end of the summer, have a fun meal or go on a special outing to celebrate all of the goals your family achieved!
  • Create a summer experience jar together: Give each person in your family three to five slips of paper. On each piece of paper, they should write down something fun they’d like to do as a family this summer. Fold all the paper slips and put them in a jar. Periodically throughout the summer, let someone in the family choose a random slip from the jar. As quickly as possible, make that family experience happen!
  • Learn a new skill with your kid: Find something you and your child would both like to learn to do, and then find a way to learn it together! You could check your local community center to see if they offer any special classes over the summer, or ask a skilled friend to help you get started. YouTube and Pinterest also have nearly endless supplies of tutorial videos or instructional guides available for you to use at your convenience.
  • Let your child orchestrate a family experience: With older kids, try letting your kid plan an entire family day that you’ll all participate in! Give them a budget and any necessary guidelines, then let them use the computer or local travel guides to map out what the family will do that day.
  • Work together to create a moment for someone else: Think of someone you know who could use some kind of assistance, whether it’s an elderly neighbor who needs help weeding her flower beds or a new mother who would appreciate someone making dinner for her family. Encourage your kids to help you meet that person’s need, then have your kids write them a note or color them a picture expressing how much your family cares about them. In the process of coming together to do something meaningful for someone else, you’ll likely create a special moment among yourselves as well!

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