Making the Most of This Summer With Your Family

Summer might make you excited to slow down and spend more time with your family or stressed about how to find time to relax between traveling with kids or keeping them entertained during the extra free time. No matter what your summer looks like, we want to help your family make the most of it with some summer family resources!

Check out our “Summer Family Activities” board on Pinterest to find crafts, snacks, and games, along with tips for creating schedules for the extra time you’ll have with your kids. Use the ideas to help your family create fun and memorable moments together.

Use our Summer Bucket List Bingo board to have fun all summer long:

  1. Download and print off he Summer Bucket List Bingo board. (Want to make your own board? Use the “Create Your Own” version and fill in each box with a different activity!)
  2. Have a family meeting. Decide what you want to accomplish this summer. You could aim to cross off five in a row, complete an “X,” or even fill in the entire board.
  3. Make a plan to complete the activities. Decide how many you want to do, and put them on a calendar so your family can look forward to each one.
  4. When you’ve achieved your goal, CELEBRATE!

CLICK HERE for ideas to complete any of the activities on the board. 

How do parents find rest during summer? Listen to our “Parent Connect” podcast episode “Finding Rest and Relaxation With Your Kids” as we connect with other parents to see how families in different stages navigate summer vacations. CLICK HERE to begin listening.