Serving During LOVE Week With Kids

The word “serving” may not be familiar to a child, but even kids can learn the value of helping others. Volunteering at a LOVE Week event is a great way to help kids learn how to give to those in need. 

As a parent, it might seem daunting to volunteer with your kids, but there is so much value in making service a part of your family’s natural rhythm. Try these tips to help create a positive serving experience for your whole family:

  • Be the role model. Kids love to copy their parents, so let them follow your lead. If you stay calm, focused, and have fun, they’ll take their cues from you!
  • Have a conversation. Talk to your kids about the event you’re serving at. Share what the organization does and how your family volunteering can help them.
  • Make it fun. Serving others doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Make a game out of it — time them to see how long it takes to complete a task. Or, let them invite a friend to come along — who doesn’t like serving beside friends?
  • Schedule accordingly. It’s hard for kids to be happy when they’re tired and hungry. So, pick an event that doesn’t interfere with naptime or lunchtime. If we’re honest, we all have a hard time staying focused when our tummies are rumbling or we’re exhausted and just want a nap.

You’ve got this! We can’t wait to see your family at a LOVE Week event. To sign up for a family-friendly event, click here