Family Friendly Podcasts

Gearing up to spend a few hours in the car traveling for spring break? Looking for something new to do on the morning commute to school?

A podcast is a great way for the entire family to connect and do something together. Check out these family friendly podcasts that everyone in the car will love:


Circle Round
Thoughtfully-selected folktales from around the world featuring top talent from the stage and screen. The stories are captivating and compelling and are nearly always accompanied by a positive message or moral.
BEST FOR: preschool and younger elementary


Highlights Hangout
A monthly podcast that brings Highlights Magazine to life in a whole new way. It offers a unique audio spin on the stories, characters, puzzles, and jokes, tongue twisters, poems, and wow-worthy science questions.
BEST FOR: preschool and younger elementary                                                                    


The Story of Pirates
Listen to a group of world-class actors, comedians, improvisors and musicians who adapt stories written by kids into sketch comedy and musical theater.
BEST FOR: ages 4-10



Pants on Fire
In the era of fake news, kids need to learn to be able to tell what’s true from what’s false. And what better way to do that than a game show that puts kids in the driver’s seat, adults on the hot seat, and a sound-effects robot strapped to the roof.
BEST FOR: younger tweens

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian
Finn and his friends Abigail, Elias and Vale are Explorers Troop 301, taking off from the Marlowe space station to explore uncharted planets, help the occasional alien, and solve a mystery that threatens to destroy the Marlowe.
BEST FOR: kids and tweens


Six Minutes
Eleven-year-old Holiday is pulled from the icy waters of Alaska with no memory of who she is or where she came from. Are her mom and dad really who they say they are? And when she begins to develop incredible abilities, she’ll soon discover she’s not alone in the world.
BEST FOR: tweens