This Week In Quest :: God can help me do brave things.

Main point: God can help me do brave things.
Bible story: Miriam ● Exodus 2:4-10, 15:20-21; Micah 6:4

To view this week’s video curriculum, visit the eKidz YouTube page. 

As a family, read “Miriam” (Exodus 2:4-10, 15:20-21; Micah 6:4) from a children’s Bible. (CLICK HERE for children’s Bible recommendations.) 

After reading the Bible story, discuss these questions together:

  • “What happened in the Bible story? (The mean king wanted to get rid of all the boy babies. One family had a baby named Moses and his mom put him in a basket that floated on the water. Moses’ big sister, Miriam, stayed to watch him. When the princess found Moses, Miriam helped her find someone (Moses’ mom) to take care of Moses.) 
  • “Miriam was brave by staying to watch over baby Moses and helping the princess make sure someone could look after him. Can God help you do brave things too?” (yes)

This week, engage in everyday moments to continue the conversation: 

  • Morning Time: When you go into your child’s room, say, “Good morning, (child’s name)! Show me you’re ready to be brave today with your strong and courageous super kid pose!”
  • Cuddle Time: Cuddle with your child and pray, “God, help us do brave things because we know that You are with us.”
  • Drive Time: While on the go, talk about how being brave is doing the right thing even when we feel afraid. Tell your child about a time when God helped you be brave.
  • Bath Time: During bath time, ask your child, “Can you (name of action)?” Choose a different action each time you ask (e.g., touch your head, blink your eyes, pick up bubbles with your hand, etc.). At the end of bath time, say: “I know something else you can do. You can do brave things!”

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