This Week In Quest :: God knows what’s best for me.

Main point: God knows what’s best for me.
Bible story: In the Garden ● Genesis 1:31, 2:8-3:24

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

  • Who was our Bible story about? (God, Adam, Eve, Satan (the snake))
  • “What happened in the Bible story? (God showed Adam one special tree. God told Adam he could eat from all the other trees EXCEPT that one. Satan, a snake, told Eve she could eat from the tree and she did. She gave Adam fruit from the tree, and he ate it too.)
  • What did Adam and Eve do after they ate the fruit? (they hid)
  • Were Adam and Eve allowed to stay in the garden? (no)
  • God knew what was best for Adam and Eve when He told them not to eat from the special tree. Does God know what’s best for you too? (yes)

Family Activity: Thumbs Up

WHAT YOU NEED: activity pages, scissors


  • Before the Activity: Print off the activity pages and cut out the cards.
  • During the Activity: Draw a game card and show it to your child. Read each card and ask if that was in the Bible story or not. Ask your child to give a thumbs-up if the picture on the card was in the story or a thumbs-down if it was not in the story. Repeat until all cards have been read. Put the story cards in order and review the Bible story.


  • Before the Activity: “I have a fun card game we can play called ‘Thumbs-Up!’ To play our game, I will draw a card. If the picture on the card was in the Bible story, give me a thumbs-up. (Give a thumbs-up.) If the picture was not in the Bible story, give a thumbs down. (Give a thumbs-down.) Let’s play!”
  • During the Activity: “I’ll draw a card and show you the picture. It’s a picture of Eve eating the fruit and it says ‘Eve ate the fruit God said not to eat.’ (or the picture and words appropriate to the drawn card) Did we hear that in our Bible story? Thumbs-up or thumbs-down? (Pause for response.) That [was/wasn’t] part of our story today. Good job! Next, I’ll pick a new card. (Continue until each card has been drawn.) You did a great job! You knew what was in our Bible story. Now let’s put the cards in order and review our story from the beginning.

    God made a beautiful garden filled with trees with lots of yummy food. Then God made Adam and Eve, the very first people! (Hold up the card showing Adam and Eve in the garden.) God told Adam and Eve to take care of the garden and that they could eat fruit from any of the trees except for one. (Hold up the card of the tree with fruit.) One day, a snake told Eve to eat the fruit that God said not to eat. And she ate the fruit! (Hold up the card of Eve eating fruit from the tree.)Oh, no! Then Eve went to Adam and asked him if he wanted the fruit, and Adam ate the fruit, too! (Hold up the card of Adam eating the fruit next to Eve.) Adam and Eve made the wrong choice, and they had to leave the garden. (Hold up the card of the garden without Adam and Eve.) But even though they had to leave the garden, God still loved them and gave them what they needed.” (Hold up the heart card.)
  • After the Activity: “Adam and Eve learned that they should have done what God said because God knew what was best for them. And God knows what’s best for us, too! Who knows what’s best for you?” (God knows what’s best for me.)