This Week In Quest Preschool :: Jesus wants to be friends with everyone, everywhere.

Main point: Jesus wants to be friends with everyone, everywhere.

Bible story: Woman at the Well ● John 4:1-30

As a family, read “Woman at the Well” (John 4:1-30) from a children’s Bible. (CLICK HERE for children’s Bible recommendations.) 

After reading the Bible story, discuss these questions together:

  • What happened in the Bible story? (Jesus was a friend to a Samaritan woman at a well, and He told her He is God’s Son.)
  • Who wants to be your friend forever? (Jesus wants to be friends with everyone, everywhere!)

To view this week’s video curriculum, visit the eKidz YouTube page.

This week, engage in everyday moments to continue the conversation: 

  • Morning Time: When you go into your child’s room, cuddle them and say, “Good morning, (child’s name)! Today we get to go to (e.g., school, grocery store, park, etc.). Does Jesus want to be friends with the people at (name of place)? Of course! Jesus loves everyone, everywhere, and He wants to be their friend forever too!”
  • Cuddle Time: Cuddle with your child and pray, “God, thank You that no matter where a person lives, Jesus wants to be their friend forever.”
  • Bath Time: Add items your child can scoop and pour with to bath time (e.g., cups, beach toys, etc.). As your child scoops and pours, talk about how a woman went to a well to get some water. When she got to the well, Jesus was there. Jesus told her that He is God’s Son, and He wants to be her friend forever! Jesus is the best because Jesus wants EVERYONE to be His friend forever!
  • Drive Time: While on the go, name different cities/states/countries you’ve been to together. It could be a relative’s house, vacation spot, or a neighboring city on an errand. As you name these different places, talk about how Jesus loves all of the people everywhere we go, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever too!

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