This Week In Quest Preschool :: We can celebrate Jesus.

Main point: We can celebrate Jesus.

Bible story: Palm Sunday ● Matthew 21:1-11,15-16

As a family, read “Palm Sunday” (Matthew 21:1-11,15-16) from a children’s Bible. (CLICK HERE for children’s Bible recommendations.) 

After reading the Bible story, discuss these questions together:

  • What happened in the Bible story? (Jesus rode on a donkey into Jerusalem. People celebrated him by spreading palm branches and coats on the road.)
  • The people celebrated Jesus as he rode into Jerusalem. Can you celebrate Jesus? (yes)

To view this week’s video curriculum, visit the eKidz YouTube page.

This week, engage in everyday moments to continue the conversation: 

  • Morning Time: When you go into your child’s room, cuddle them and say, “Good morning, (child’s name)! It’s almost Easter! But we don’t have to wait for Easter to celebrate Jesus. We can celebrate Jesus any time… like right now! Let’s cheer for Jesus together! Hosanna! Hosanna! Yay, Jesus!”
  • Cuddle Time: Cuddle with your child and pray, “God, we believe Jesus is Your Son. Help us celebrate Him every day by loving people the way Jesus loves us.”
  • Bath Time: Play music that celebrates Jesus during bath time. Sing together and talk about why we praise Jesus. Jesus is God’s Son. Jesus loves us. Jesus is alive. Jesus wants everyone to be His friend forever. There are so many reasons to celebrate Jesus!
  • Drive Time: While on the go, see how many different kinds of transportation you can find (e.g., airplane, motorcycle, dump truck, train, car, bus, etc.). Talk about how Jesus rode a donkey for transportation when He rode into Jerusalem. And when He did, people cheered for Jesus, saying, “Hosanna! Hosanna! Yay, Jesus!” while waving palm branches in the air.

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