This Week In Safari Babies :: I can obey God.

We’re Learning… I can obey God.
Bible Story: Noah’s Ark ● Genesis 6-9

As a family, read “Noah’s Ark” (Genesis 6-9) from a children’s Bible. (CLICK HERE for children’s Bible recommendations.) 

After reading the Bible story, complete the activity together.

Game Activity:

  • Say, “Noah obeyed God by building an ark and filling it with two of each animal. Let’s do an activity to help us remember what we learned!”
  • Explain you’ll say an animal for your toddler to act out. But when you say, “I can obey God!” your toddler will freeze.
    • “Fly like birds!”
    • “Now stomp like elephants!”
    • “I can obey God!” (Encourage your toddler to freeze.)
    • “Growl like bears!”
    • “Now use your arms to chomp like alligators!”
    • “I can obey God!” (Encourage your toddler to freeze.)
    • “Next hop like bunnies!”
    • “This time, quack like ducks!”
    • “Now move very slowly like turtles!”
    • “I can obey God!” (Encourage your toddler to freeze.)
    • “Bark like dogs!”
    • “Now jump like kangaroos!”
    • “I can obey God!” (Encourage your toddler to freeze.)
    • “Slither and slide like snakes!”
    • “Next, crawl on your hands and knees like cats!”
    • “Now swim like fish!”
    • “I can obey God!” (Encourage toddlers to freeze.)
  • After the activity, say, “Great job! Noah obeyed God and we can too! Who can obey God?” Encourage your toddler to say, “I can obey God!” Then lead your toddler in prayer:
    “Dear God, thank You for loving us. We trust You know what’s best, and we want to obey You. Please help us obey You and follow You in everything we do. In Jesus’ name, amen.”


In addition to reading stories from the Bible each Sunday, we also read a book together that reinforces what we’re learning. This month, we’re reading “Goodnight, Ark” by Laura Sassi. If you’re looking for a new book to add to your child’s library at home, you can learn more about this month’s book HERE