This Week In Safari :: God made me.

We’re Learning… God made me.
Bible Story: The First People ● Genesis 2

As a family, read “The First People” — Genesis 2 from a children’s Bible. (CLICK HERE for children’s Bible recommendations.) 

After reading the Bible story, complete the activity together:

Song Activity:

  • Lead your toddler in singing to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell.”

    God made me,
    God made me.
    God made everything we see,
    and God made me.

    Continue the activity, but replace “me” with each toddler’s name.
    God made (toddler’s name),
    God made (toddler’s name).
    God made everything we see,
    and God made (toddler’s name).

  • Continue the activity for as long as your toddler is engaged.
  • Say, “Wonderful job singing! Who made you?” Encourage your toddler to say, “God made me!”

In addition to reading stories from the Bible each week, we read toddlers a book that reinforces what they’re learning. This month, we’re reading The Day God Made You for Little Ones by Rory Feek. If you’re looking for a faith-based book to add to your child’s library at home, you can learn more about this month’s book HERE!