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Summer Cool Kits

Summer is finally here, which means it’s time to enjoy all the popsicles, pool days, and vacations! In this season it’s easy to feel like you’re constantly on-the-go, so we want to help your family stay connected to God this summer. Last weekend, we gave out a Summer Cool Kit to every child who attended Quest and Motion.

Motion Summer Cool Kit
To equip kids to read and study their Bible this summer, we filled the Motion Summer Cool Kit with some tools that can help kids read the Bible, like sticky notes, a special Bible highlighter, and a pen to write notes. (Kids can also use those supplies alongside the Summer Cool Guide they received in Motion this week to help them study God’s word this summer.) There are also a few other fun treats such as sunglasses, a beach ball, and candy inside to make sure their summer gets off to a great start!

Quest Summer Cool Kit
As for Quest, we’ve included a few summer-themed treats such as bubbles, chalk, sunglasses, a beach ball, and candy, along with a few ideas for activities that your family can do together! Grab the chalk and bubbles from your child’s kit and use the fun activities to help your child practice the memory verse. We’ve also included the list of Bible stories your child will learn in Quest this summer, so read along at home!

Summer Read-A-Long

-Love – 1 Corinthians; John 3:16; John 13:34
-Paul and Silas in Prison – Acts 16:16-34
-Birds and Flowers – John 14:27; Matthew 6:25-34
-Simeon at the Temple – Luke 2:22-39
-Good Samaritan – Luke 10:25-37

Every Good and Perfect Gift – James 1:17
-Peter in Jail – Acts 12:1-19
-Jesus is Gentle – Mark 5:25-34; Mark 10:13-16
-Timothy – 1 Timothy 4:12


Memory Verse Activities








eKidz Spiritual Building Blocks

In eKidz our mission is to partner with parents to develop their kids’ faith — to walk alongside families strategically at each stage of their children’s development. “Spiritual Building Blocks” guide our decisions as we choose the best ways to teach children about Jesus and equip families to raise godly young men and women.

Children six weeks through two years old are part of our Safari ministry. Our key word for this age group is “DISCOVER.” In Safari, we want to help children:

  • DISCOVER the Bible is God’s book — and that it’s true.
  • DISCOVER an expression of worship through song and prayer.
  • DISCOVER a love for God through this phase of creativity and wonder.

In Quest, our ministry for children three years old through kindergarten, we want children to “EXPLORE” the world around them and learn who God is. We want to help Quest children:

  • EXPLORE the Bible and how it applies to their lives.
  • EXPLORE how prayer and worship connect them with God.
  • EXPLORE ways to tell others about their relationship with God.

Motion kids are in a life stage where they can do more than just learn facts and make basic connections; they’re able to internalize what they’re learning at a deeper level. In Motion, our prayer is that first through fifth graders will “BELIEVE.” We want all of our Motion kids to:

  • BELIEVE the Bible is God’s Word, and it’s powerful and relevant.
  • BELIEVE in Jesus as their personal Savior.
  • BELIEVE in daily disciplines as a way to strengthen their relationship with God.

These building blocks are what we use to develop children’s understanding of God from basic knowledge to personal belief. We believe God can do great things through our eKidz ministry when we partner with parents to help children DISCOVER who God is, EXPLORE His Word and His love for us, and BELIEVE in Jesus as their personal Savior.

How to Create Moments for Your Family This Summer

There are few things that feel more rewarding for a parent than creating a memorable moment for your child. Since kids are already out of their normal routine, summer is a perfect opportunity to create moments that your child will remember and reflect on for years to come.

In their book, The Power of Moments, Chip Heath and Dan Heath explain how defining moments can shape our lives, but they also emphasize that we don’t have to wait for them to happen; we can create them intentionally. When we make the effort to shake up our routines and do something special for our kids — even something small or seemingly insignificant — the impact can create special moments our kids will treasure.

Since getting started is often the hardest part of creating something, hopefully these ideas will help you begin the process of creating moments for your kids this summer!

  • Host a #GOALS night for your family: Encourage each person in the family to set a goal for the summer — anything from reading a specific number of books, to riding your bike at least three days each week, to performing one act of kindness each day. At the end of the summer, have a fun meal or go on a special outing to celebrate all of the goals your family achieved!
  • Create a summer experience jar together: Give each person in your family three to five slips of paper. On each piece of paper, they should write down something fun they’d like to do as a family this summer. Fold all the paper slips and put them in a jar. Periodically throughout the summer, let someone in the family choose a random slip from the jar. As quickly as possible, make that family experience happen!
  • Learn a new skill with your kid: Find something you and your child would both like to learn to do, and then find a way to learn it together! You could check your local community center to see if they offer any special classes over the summer, or ask a skilled friend to help you get started. YouTube and Pinterest also have nearly endless supplies of tutorial videos or instructional guides available for you to use at your convenience.
  • Let your child orchestrate a family experience: With older kids, try letting your kid plan an entire family day that you’ll all participate in! Give them a budget and any necessary guidelines, then let them use the computer or local travel guides to map out what the family will do that day.
  • Work together to create a moment for someone else: Think of someone you know who could use some kind of assistance, whether it’s an elderly neighbor who needs help weeding her flower beds or a new mother who would appreciate someone making dinner for her family. Encourage your kids to help you meet that person’s need, then have your kids write them a note or color them a picture expressing how much your family cares about them. In the process of coming together to do something meaningful for someone else, you’ll likely create a special moment among yourselves as well!

To help your family begin creating moments together this summer, we’re giving away three eKidz Family Fun Packs! To enter to contest:

  • Follow @elevationekidz on Instagram.
  • Like the Elevation eKidz page on Facebook.
  • Tag 2 parents on this post & share what moment you’d like to create with your child this summer!

We’d also love to hear about the great moments your family creates this summer, so don’t forget to tag us when you share them on social media.

4 Ways to Celebrate Easter as a Family

Easter is an exciting time for the church as we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and ultimate triumph over sin. The holiday should be filled with enthusiasm and joy, but in the middle of all of the Easter basket shopping, Easter egg hunts, and family lunches (not to mention preparing for spring break!), the weeks and days leading up to Easter can feel chaotic instead of celebratory.

Anything in addition to these “expected” activities can feel like extra work and even diminish the excitement of Easter. If this is where you find yourself this Easter, or even if you’re just looking for some fun additional activities to try this year, we’re here to help!

We want to equip your family with some practical ways to prepare your hearts and celebrate together this Easter. CLICK HERE to download the “4 Ways You Can Celebrate Easter as a Family” guide for some fun ideas and activities that can fit into your family’s flow this Easter.

Want to win one of the Easter books mentioned in the guide? Head over to our eKidz Instagram account or Facebook page for your chance to win!

Throwback Thursday: Dream Edition

This weekend, Pastor Steven taught about “The Danger of a Dream.” We took a look at the dreams God gave Joseph to see that:

  • A dream makes you different.
  • A dream can become a distraction.
  • A dream must be developed.

Pastor Steven showed us that Joseph didn’t follow his dream. Joseph followed God and his dream followed him. Sometimes our situation might look different than our dream, but we can trust God in the process and remember that when we focus on following Him, our dreams will follow us.

Pastor Steven’s sermon reminded us of one of our previous eKidz series, Dr. Oz: The Dream Catcher, when we took a look at the life of Joseph to learn about honor. In this series, our friend Dr. Oldman was having some strange dreams of his own. Check out the first episode!

Learn more about Joseph together as a family! Read about Joseph in Genesis 37:5-3640:1-23, 41:33-43, 45 and discuss the following questions:

  • What happened in Joseph’s dreams? What did his dreams mean?
  • Do you think it was right for Joseph to tell his brothers about his dreams? Why or why not?
  • How did Pharaoh find out Joseph had the gift of interpreting dreams? (the cupbearer who was in prison with Joseph told him)
  • When Pharaoh asked Joseph to interpret his dream how did Joseph respond? (he said that he could not do it but that God could)
  • Did the dreams happen the way Joseph had predicted they would?


You can check out Pastor Steven’s sermon, “The Danger of a Dream” on the Elevation site, App, podcast, and YouTube