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Quest :: Week of March 2

One of the most important foundations we can lay for our children to build upon is the truth that God made them. He made them in His image, and He also made them wonderfully unique. When children understand these powerful concepts, they see how important they really are to God. Knowing they are made and loved by God will motivate them to respect themselves and others!

This week, we learned that every person is wonderfully made by God.

Cuddle with your child and pray, “Dear God, thank You for making [child’s name]. He/she is so special. I love the way You made his/her sweet smile and (name things unique to your child). We love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Download this week’s Parent Cue card HERE.

Pivotal (Parenting) Decisions

From choosing a crib to the college search, parenting is a timeline of decisions. 

If you’ve been on social media or watched the news long enough (or have a mother-in-law), you know what I’m talking about. Public school or private? Discipline? Smartphone?

It’s pretty intense.

Not to mention how it feels inside your head — where your personal fears can turn decision-making into a minefield.

The good news is this is normal. Even better news, many of the decisions you’re stressing about now are not as high-stakes as you’ve made them out to be. Think back to your childhood. Did that plate of broccoli fundamentally change you as a person? Probably not.

If broccoli is the bottom of the list of decisions with huge impact and eternal significance (sorry, broccoli), then pivotal decisions are at the top. These aren’t necessarily big decisions, but they are critical. They are based on your values, and they set a direction for your family.

Think of it this way: when you make a pivotal decision for your family, you’re laying a path. Your kids may stray from that path at times, but fortunately, your job as a parent isn’t to control or perfect your child. Your job is to guide them — with correction, connection, and encouragement — to choose a path that will take them closer to God.

That sounds like a lot of responsibility.

But before you panic and take your stress out on a large pizza, you should know you don’t have to figure out what to do next by yourself. God has already identified some pivotal decisions in His Word, and they’re very, very practical. Remember, the pivot itself is only one step — a small, intentional movement that can change the game. Below is a starter list of steps you can take today to change your family’s trajectory.

Spend time in God’s Word. Every day.
Help your children spend time in God’s Word. Tell stories! Get creative! The Bible App for Kids is a great resource that allows parents to stream or download 30-minute Bible video episodes, coloring pages, and activity sheets.

Pray as a family.
It’s easy, but it doesn’t happen without intention. Help your kids talk to God and understand He is always with us.

Go to church.
Eventually, your children will need peer relationships and crave a community (just like you!). Get planted now.

Find your people.
Our church has groups where you can find community. Whether it’s a parenting book, a Bible study, or a group that discusses Pastor Steven’s sermon, find one. We need each other.

Put your values into practice.
Pivotal decisions are based on values. What does your family value? Plan family activities that reinforce those values. What you practice with your children has a much deeper impact than what you tell them.

Does one of those action steps stand out to you? Choose a new direction this week, and pivot!


To learn about pivotal decisions, check out Pastor Steven’s sermon “Pivotal Decisions (Put A Purpose On It)” from the Maybe: God series. It’s up on the Elevation site, App, podcast, and YouTube.

March in eKidz

Monthly Focus
God made everything. God made me.

Memory Verse
“God created the heavens God made me. and the earth.”
Genesis 1:1b (NIV)

Dear God, thank You for making everything we see and for making each one of us.
As this baby grows up, help them remember You made them wonderfully
and love them so much. We love You. In Your name, Amen.”

We’re Learning …
God made everything. God made me.

Memory Verse
“God created (point up)
the heavens (wave arms back and forth)
and earth.” (extend arms overhead in a circle)
Genesis 1:1b (open hands like a book)

Bible Story
The Beginning
Genesis 1


Series Overview
One of the most important foundations we can lay for our children to build upon is the truth that God made them. He made them in His image, and He also made them wonderfully unique. When children understand these powerful concepts, they see how important they really are to God. Knowing they are made and loved by God will motivate them to respect themselves and others!

“I am (point thumbs to chest)
fearfully (right arm muscle)
and wonderfully (left arm muscle)
made.” (clap hands together)
Psalm 139:14, NIV (open hands like a book)

1st – 5th GRADE

Series Overview
As we follow Jesus, His love transforms us. His Spirit gives us the power to show self-control.
We can follow His example and choose to do what we should do — instead of what we want to do.

Virtue: Individuality
Discovering who you are meant to be.

Memory Verse
“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14, NIV

Safari :: Week of February 23

WE’RE LEARNING… Jesus loves me.
MEMORY VERSE: “Love comes from God.” 1 John 4:7b (NIV)
BIBLE STORY: Jesus and the Children I Luke 18:15-17

This weekend, we made a fun craft to help us remember how much Jesus loves us!

Grab your toddler’s newsletter from this weekend to play a fun game with your toddler! Say, “If you know Jesus loves you (all the time, when you’re happy, when you’re sad, when you’re hurt, etc.), hold your paper in the air!” Continue the activity saying a different example each time. After the activity ask, “Who loves you?” Encourage your toddler to say, “Jesus loves me.”

Motion :: Week of February 23

We’re tuning in to Cam’s vlog, Cam I Am, to learn about the fruit of the Spirit. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to strengthen, encourage, and help us. When we listen to the Holy Spirit, we start developing a specific set of character qualities the Bible calls the “Fruit of the Spirit.” The Bible calls it fruit because it shows up when we are growing in our faith.

In our final episode of Cam I Am, Cam answered the question of the day by teaching us how the Holy Spirit helps us grow faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

During eGroup time, we took a closer look at what the Bible says about faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. When we allow the Holy Spirit to help us show patience, kindness, and goodness in our daily lives, it completely changes the way we interact with others. People will see the Holy Spirit working in us and want to spend more time with us when we…

Continue at Home
This week, read the passage for each fruit of the Spirit together as a family and talk about how you can show each fruit every day.

💬 Faithfulness – Doing what you say you will do.
       -Read Hebrews 3:14

🗣Gentleness- Being gentle with your attitude and actions.
      -Read Philippians 4:5

💪🏼 Self-Control – Having control over how you respond.
       -Read Titus 2:11-12

As you drive this week, talk about what it means to show gentleness. How does it affect the way you talk to others? Then, play this game: Say a few different phrases in a neutral tone. Then ask your kid to say the same phrases in a variety of different tones (an excited tone, a sad tone, an angry tone, a whiny tone, etc.) Point out how a negative tone communicates a different message with the same words. Encourage your kid to choose gentleness by using a gentle tone when speaking to others.

Download this week’s ParentCue card HERE.

Watch Sophie and Lemon music videos, Cam I Am episodes, and download the songs for free HERE.