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Safari :: Week of May 4

WE’RE LEARNING… I can love like Jesus.
MEMORY VERSE: “Love each other as I have loved you.” John 15:12b (NIV)
BIBLE STORY: A Short Man I Luke 19:1-10

This month we’re learning, “I can love like Jesus.” We can follow Jesus’ example and show love to everyone around us.

We will learn the story, “A Short Man” in Luke 19:1-10. Zacchaeus was a tax collector who took a lot of people’s money. Jesus knew Zacchaeus wasn’t making good choices, but He wanted to be Zacchaeus’ friend anyway. One day Jesus was visiting Zacchaeus’ town. Zacchaeus climbed to the top of a tall tree just to see Jesus! Jesus told Zacchaeus to get down from the tree and they both went to Zacchaeus’ house. Jesus was kind and showed love to Zacchaeus. It changed his life! We can follow Jesus’ example and show love to everyone around us. When we love like Jesus, we can show everyone how much Jesus loves them!

We made a Bible Story Meal Time Mat to help us remember that we can love like Jesus. Place the Bible Story Meal Time Mat at the table where your toddler eats. Before each meal, point to the place mat and review the Bible story with your toddler:

  • Who do you see in the tree? (Zacchaeus)
  • Even though Zacchaeus took people’s money, did Jesus still show love to him? (Yes)
  • Can you love like Jesus? (Yes)

Say, “Even though Zacchaeus made wrong choices, Jesus was kind to Zacchaeus and showed love to him. We can love like Jesus, too!” Ask your toddler, “Who can love like Jesus?” Encourage your toddler to say, “I can love like Jesus!”

Safari Babies :: May Parent Cue Article

The thing about having a baby is that no one, no one, can prepare you for the full experience. People will give you advice—mostly unsolicited—but until you take your sweet baby home . . . there just aren’t words to convey the joy, pain, responsibility, honor, anxiety, and sweetness of parenthood.

My first year of parenthood was a complete fog. I remember when my daughter turned one. I had mixed emotions about the day. I was still struggling to embrace my role as someone’s mother. I wasn’t sure what I was doing as a parent. I was hard on myself. I felt like everyone was handling motherhood so much better than I was. Shouldn’t I have had it together by then?

It’s my turn to give unsolicited advice. I wanted to let you new parents know—well, really I want all parents, stepparents, single parents, aaaalll you legal guardians know—it’s okay to struggle with parenthood. It’s a relationship. And relationships are messy.

I am far from an expert, but here’s another thought for you . . .

God entrusted your baby to you. He’s a pretty smart (that’s an understatement). He doesn’t make mistakes. God placed your child in your life on purpose and for a purpose. Never feel like you aren’t good enough, patient enough, or wise enough to be your kid’s parent. No parent feels like they’ve got it together all the time (and if you do, tell me your secret).

Our culture (and social media) fuels this idea that unless we meet a certain standard and portray the perfect image, we aren’t worthy. We don’t measure up. So we struggle with comparison and guilt and shame.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Let’s make a change. Let’s rebel against the unrealistic expectations of the world and remember that our value doesn’t lie in perfect Instagram photos—our value lies at the Cross. Our value comes from the fact that a perfect Savior decided that our imperfection was worth giving up His life.

So. The next time you start beating yourself up because the house is a mess, you can’t fathom cooking another dinner, and the baby needs a diaper change . . . take a deep breath. Remember, you were God’s choice to parent your child, and you are enough. (And then order takeout.)

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Baptism for Kids

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eKidz baptisms are a special time for families and our church.

Here are your next steps to find out more:
1) Use the video below to start a conversation with your child about baptism.

2) The baptism interview is an opportunity for the staff and volunteer leaders of Elevation to talk with your child about baptism and help you determine if your child is ready to be baptized. To request more information, please complete this form.

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May in eKidz

Monthly Focus
I can love like Jesus.

Verse Focus
“Love each other as I have loved you.”
John 15:12b (NIV)

Dear Jesus, thank You for loving us! As my child grows up, I pray they will follow Your example and love others the way You do. Help us to show everyone how much You love them. We love You. Amen.”

We’re Learning …
I can love like Jesus.

Memory Verse
“Love each other (hug self)
as I (point up)
have loved you.” (point out)

John 15:12b (open hands like a book)

Bible Story
A Short Man
Luke 19:1-10


Series Overview
It can be hard or sometimes scary to do big things, like making the right decisions or helping someone accomplish a big job. When our children face these kinds of situations, we don’t want them to run. We want them to hop to it because they know God is bigger and will help them do big things.

Memory Verse
“We have (cross arms in front of you)
the Lord our God (one hand on hip, the other pointing up)
to help us.” (both hands on hips)
2 Chronicles 32:8, NLT (open hands like a book)

1st – 5th GRADE

Series Overview
Throughout history, God has offered strength to help people persevere through difficult situations. Jesus persevered through death itself to make it possible for us to have a forever relationship with God. Because of what Jesus did for us, we can trust Him to help us find the strength to persevere through whatever we face.

Virtue: Perseverance
Refusing to give up when life gets hard.

Memory Verse
“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”
Isaiah 40:31, NIV

Motion :: Week of April 27

We can’t always understand why some things happen. But we can believe in a God who keeps His promises. We can have hope, even in the toughest times, because we know He can make something good out of something bad.

We finished the month with an important moment recorded in John 20:19-29. Although Thomas was one of Jesus’ disciples, he hadn’t yet seen Jesus face- to-face after the resurrection. When the rest of the disciples tried to tell him that Jesus was alive, Thomas couldn’t believe it. Jesus showed up again, went to Thomas and gave him a chance to touch the scars. Thomas knew once and for all that Jesus was alive!

Whatever happens, remember God is bigger than your questions. Questions are a normal part of following Jesus. We won’t always understand what we read in the Bible or why our life looks the way it does. God wants us to be honest about our questions and doubts. We pray that kids will understand that they can have hope knowing God will help them through those doubts.

At bedtime, read John 20:19 – 29. Pray together and give God all the questions and doubts you have. Ask Him to show Himself to you and help you through these things.

Download this week’s ParentCue card HERE.