This August In eKidz :: What We’re Learning

We were created ON purpose FOR a purpose! This month, we’ll discover our worth, direction, and significance by learning how we were created in God’s image to do great things.

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This month, we’re teaching our Quest children that God is powerful! They’ll hear over and over that God is powerful as they learn true stories from the Bible where God displayed His mighty power. We want them to remember that God is more powerful than anything or any person they will ever face in this world. They can always look to God for help because God’s. Power. Is. AWESOME! 

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We’re Learning… God helps me.
Bible Story: The Mean Giant  1 Samuel 17:1-51

This month, we’re teaching our toddlers that God can help them no matter what. Life can be tough, but God knows us, loves us, and has the power to help us. God can help us every day!

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